Twenty Weeks :: so long Peyton

It’s a sad day for us Colts fans.

After 14 seasons, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts have emotionally parted ways.
When Kenley was born, the Colts had not won a game in the 2011 season.
Luckily, we did end up winning two. TWO GAMES. So silly.
Don’t you love how we say “we” like us fans have anything to do with the wins and loses?
Anyway, it was not a pretty season for the Colts without Peyton,
and I assume that the next few seasons will be dubbed as “rebuilding” years.
It’s crazy to think that Kenley will grow up knowing Peyton as the former Colts quarterback
who turned the Colts franchise around, brought us a Super Bowl title (with Dungy’s help of course),
and helped Indy be one of the most successful Super Bowl hosting cities ever.
Peyton, we’ll miss you, but wish you luck and hopefully we can see you win at least one more ring.
Colts, we hope that Luck will bring the city another ring at some point.

In other news, Kenley is changing every day.
I know I say that every week and I’m sure I’ll continue saying it,
but she is very alert, looks around all the time, and seems like she knows what is going on.

She reaches and grabs for everything, often with her mouth already open, knowing that’s right where it’s going.
For example, I was carrying her facing outward walking around the kitchen on Saturday
while Greg was making waffles and the syrup was sitting on the breakfast bar right at her level.
As I walked by, she reached out for it. I, of course, thought it was cute, and walked by it again so Greg could see.
Yep, you guessed it, the second time, she just hit it and the full bottle fell to the floor,
cracking the cap and shooting gooey, sticky syrup everywhere.

She has found her feet and is starting to realize she can put those, too, in her mouth.
I’m sure there will be pictures coming soon.

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