Five Months!

Our little nugget is five months old!

She is so alert and is constantly looking around to see what’s going on.
She’s still drooling a lot but there are no signs of any teeth ready to peek through.

She’s been doing a great job sitting in the Bumbo and against the Boppy
and even has sat up a few times on her own, but only for a few seconds before she gets wobbly.

She still rolls from her back to her belly and spends a lot of time on her tummy.
She has rolled from her belly to back a few times, but not often.
She’s been on her back a few times in the morning after she has slept on her tummy.
so we know she can do it and hopefully she’ll start doing it a lot more.

We are still in the stage where we can leave her on the playmat and she pretty much stays put,
which is a luxury I know we won’t be enjoying for too much longer.

She also does her impression of Superman slash a skydiver all the time.
Arms back, feet up, and chest off the ground.
I have no idea how she does it because Greg and I both tried and it’s hard!

She definitely is a happy baby (majority of the time), talking, smiling, and laughing.

She is still in some 3-6 months clothes, but is quickly moving into 6-9 months.
She is in 6-12 months in some brands (which seems like a very wide range for baby clothes, in my opinion),
and just moved up into 9 months Carter’s pjs.
The 9 months are just a tad big and the 6 months are just a tad small,
so we’re in the in-between stage now, but it seems like pjs become too small before anything else.

One thing is for sure. This little girl loves her daddy.

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