Pinspiration: DIY Framed Mirror

Misha started posting pinspiration projects, obviously inspired by Pinterest,
so I thought I’d join the fun with our latest project!

I pinned this a while ago and we have talked about framing our bathroom mirrors ever since,
but we finally got around to it this weekend, thanks to Greg deciding the time is now!

[ original pin via full of great ideas ]

We hit up Lowe’s on Saturday, obviously, because Lowe’s knows.

Kenley was pumped.

We got our supplies.

1 x 4 to go the entire way around the mirror
Thin trim with one rounded side for the top and bottom
Crown molding for the top
Liquid nails for mirrors
2 cans of white spray paint

 Gotta love the standard builder light fixtures.
Don’t worry, that one bulb has been out for months.

The first parts were easy,
measure the width and height of the mirror,
cut the 1 x4 and trim, then spray paint it white.

After the spray paint was dry, it was time to glue with the liquid nails.

We started at the bottom and worked our way up.
I say “we”, but Greg did majority of the work… he’s a rock star.

Then we made the decision to change out the light
because the original crown molding we chose blocked the light.
Big win for us. Great decision on our part.

The hardest part of this project was figuring out how to cut the crown molding,
especially on the side that is not flush against the wall.
We used a miter saw to cut the molding at a 45 degree angle to do an outside corner cut
that you can see on the left side of the mirror.

Our original piece of crown molding was very tall, which ended up blocking the lights and didn’t look good at all.
So back to Lowe’s we went for a third time and picked out a different crown molding that was shorter and more awesome.

We are so happy with the final project and can’t believe it’s the same bathroom.
Such an easy upgrade to the standard mirror and lights that the builders install.