Tampa for NIRSA 2012

Let me just start off by saying that going to NIRSA not pregnant
is way better than going to NIRSA pregnant like I did last year in New Orleans.
I’ll even go out on a limb and say that Tampa trumped NOLA by a LOT, but I may be biased.

 I headed over to Tampa this week to learn more about the field of recreation,
sport clubs, higher education, and student development, which I love.
I’ll fully admit that I’m a nerd.

This week could not have worked out any better
with my parents and Kenley having the same spring break.
We cannot thank them enough for keeping her during the day
and helping out Greg at night while I was away.
I’ve been getting the question a lot why she has spring break to begin with…
Kenley’s new school is a charter school that operates on the Orange County schedule,
but has children infants to third (soon to be fourth) grade.
So yeah, Kenley has spring break!

Tampa was awesome!
It was hard to believe that I was just two hours away from home.
It was so nice to see that water and the weather was phenomenal.
We were right downtown and in walking distance of everything.

I was a little stressed leaving Kenley and had to be very strategic about blocking time off to pump,
which I thought was going to be hard with a jam packed schedule,
but I managed and the fam came over one day to visit, so that was great.
Overall, it was a very successful trip away and it was great to see old friends and colleagues.

View from the 15th floor!

View from the convention center!

Happy to see the little nugget!

Met up with Kim for a delicious seafood dinner!

Nick and I were GAs together back in the day

Cheerwine at our Region II meeting thanks to North Carolina!

Amazing sushi dinner on our last night!

See you in Vegas for NIRSA 2013!

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