24 Weeks :: sitting up

Little miss is a sitting machine!
It’s so fun to watch her sit and play with her toys.
She is changing every single day and is in such a fun stage right now.
We’ve been told to savor these moments before she is on the go,
so we are trying our best to do that,
but it is fun to think about how much she’s going to be changing in the next few weeks and months.

Pretty sure she’s thinking, “seriously mom”.

She’s also loving her jumperoo!
She’s getting her exercise while Greg is getting his too!

We are excited to celebrate our first Easter this weekend!
There will be lots of pictures, fear not.

Finally growing some hair on top of her head too!
Everyone swears it’s got some reddish tint to it, but I just don’t see it.
It definitely looks brown to me.
I’ll be anxious to see if it will change or not!

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