my weekend in photos

it was both an eventful and uneventful weekend for us,
if that’s possible…
greg and i are fighting colds that we seem to just be giving back to each other.

headed to the orlando brewery for happy hour to celebrate two birthdays

nicely put

if i’m going to be on a  one drink limit, it’s going to be a damn good beer
organic blackwater dry porter
i’m definitely broadening my horizons  

this is how our counter looks 99.9% of the time

wandered around downtown avalon to check out the vendors

peas turned into pea puree 
doesn’t that look appetizing?

first solids
much more on that later

daddy-daughter fun
yes, our easter basket is still sitting on the counter
:: sigh ::

first bump on the head, smack dab in the middle of her forehead
thanks to falling over onto the laptop


like i said, we didn’t do much, but had some big events
how was your weekend? 


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