Six Months!

We are halfway to a year today!
I’m not sure how that’s quite possible, but here we are.
Six months old!

After reading our five month update, I’ve realized so much has changed in just a month!

She can sit up on her own for an extended period of time.
but she hasn’t learned how to get down from sitting to the laying position on the floor,
at least not intentionally.

She also can roll freely from belly to back and back to belly.
She started out backwards rolling from her back to belly first and it took a while to master
the belly to back roll, but she does it with no problems now.

She is by no means completely mobile but did manage to roll right off our bed on Monday.
She was perfectly fine and only cried for about a minute.
I, on the other hand, was hysterical. Crying and shaking for a good ten minutes.
It was definitely more traumatic for me.
Poor Greg thought she had broken several bones by the way I was acting.
I’m sure it’ll be the first of many, but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

No real signs of crawling just yet and I think we’re ok with that for now.

Another month has past and still no teeth.
Not even a sign of one!
I thought for sure she’d have at least a tooth two months ago,
ahem…thanks mom…and grandma.
But nothin’
So, the wait continues.
And we’ll keep blaming her sporadic fussiness on the phantom “teething”….

I can safely say that I have no idea what color her eyes are right now.
They were more blue when she was born, but they aren’t quite green yet.
I’m pretty sure they’re more of a grey color and anxious to see if they’ll continue to change.

She is becoming very social and likes to know what’s going on at all times.
As you can see, always needs to know where Daddy is.
One of her teachers told me today that she’s very attentive and will get upset if another baby is crying a lot.

She is also quite social while she is eating these days.
If there is any noise, she’s easily distracted.
During the week it’s not too bad because I’m feeding her early in the morning and right before bed,
so it’s dark and quiet with the sound machine on and we’re both tired.
On the weekends, however, it’s a challenge.
During the day, she’s all over the place turning her head with every sound,
flailing her arms, and trying to grab everything.
I would imagine she’s probably the same way with her bottle at school.
Bless her teachers.

We go back to the doctor tomorrow for her six month check up and shots,
so I will update you this weekend on her stats.
I’m anxious to see how much she’s grown since our last appointment.

Updated: Six month stats
16 lbs. 15 oz – 50th percentile
26 3/4 inches – 80th percentile 

I know I’ve said this the last couple of months and I’m sure I’ll continue to say it,
but this is such a fun time right now.
She’s becoming more of a little person!

Happy half birthday Kenley Dee!

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