Sally’s Surprise Shower!

Back when I was pregnant with Kenley, which seems like forever ago,
Sally and Lindsey threw a baby shower and brunch for me here in Florida.

Now that Sally is expecting her second, a girl, baby Margot,
I was honored to be able to return the favor for Sally, with Lindsey’s help, of course!
The best part of it was that Sally had no idea we were doing this until she showed up!
Fun fact: we later learned that Sally found out she was pregnant the morning of my shower! 

Anyway, the surprise had been in the works for a while, Lindsey and I had so much fun planning.
Of course, we searched high and low on Pinterest for ideas,
but it’s hard to find all these great ideas and not be able to pin them!
We didn’t want to give away our secret!

The shower was at 2pm, because, let’s be serious,
I knew I couldn’t pull off getting everything ready in my house a minute earlier than that.
We figured everyone would have already had some sort of lunch
so we thought desserts would be perfect!

The menu included:
Build your own fruit pizzas
Chocolate dipped Oreos
Chocolate dipped marshmallows
Chocolate dipped pretzels
Strawberry fluff dip with graham crackers, strawberries, and Eggo waffle bites
Mini cupcakes from Sweet
Regular and chocolate milk

Since Sally and family didn’t need any big ticket items,
we wanted to help fill Margot’s closet with lots of cute girly clothes!
The adorable clothes doubled as decor, so it was perfect!

I put my diy chalkboard wine bottles to good use.

We wanted to display the invitation we had made from Etsy, too.
One, because they were super cute and two, because she hadn’t seen them!

Just under two weeks in advance, I asked Sally if she wanted to “babysit Kenley”,
of course, she agreed and it was set, she was going to come over around 2-2:15pm.
We had talked about it a couple times since then, but I tried to be as vague as possible,
because I truly felt bad “lying” to her… even though it was for a good reason.

Needless to say, she was very surprised!

We had a wonderful time celebrating baby Margot.

She’s is going to be the best dressed baby on the block!

Lindsey and I had a great time scheming, planning, and making all those sweet treats!

Baby Margot we cannot wait to meet you!

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