27 Weeks :: eat, drink, and be merry

The update this week will be short and sweet.

Solid foods include organic peas, organic zucchini, and rice cereal so far.
The more runny the food, the bigger mess that is made.

We tried a sippy cup once, it didn’t go over too well.
Just a lot of chewing on the top and milk everywhere,
we shall try again this weekend.

The saga of phantom teething continues,
and yet, there are still no teeth.
All the signs are there, so we’ll see how long this continues.

Majority of the time the issue is just tiredness, which leads to over-tiredness.
There is a fine line between getting her down for a nap just in time and too late.
You’d think we’d have it down by now, but no, we’re still learning.

However, following a nap, we have the happiest baby on the block.

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