my weekend in photos :: mother’s day surprise

“my weekend in photos” will be more words and less photos this week,
just to forewarn you.

Where to begin.
Friday I came home to two awesome surprises.
My amazing husband flew my mom down for the weekend
and I didn’t know it until I came home from work on Friday to see her holding Kenley.
My amazing father flew my brother down this weekend to surprise both my mom and myself,
and I didn’t know it until after I saw my mom and was already surprised.
All these men in our lives were in cahoots together.

Later on the Jenkinson’s came over to play!

Kenley just loves grabbing at Kyler.

Saturday morning we headed to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, which was amazing!

Greg and I snuck away for a lunch-time date to our fave restaurant with an amazing view.

Saturday night, we played Sink the Biz.
Alicia was in town, so we were pumped when she came by to visit.

I don’t think I could have had a better first Mother’s Day.
After some chocolate chip pancakes, we headed to church, then to lunch.
My mom and I did some shopping this afternoon (shocking, I know),
then had an awesome dinner!

Hope all you mommies had a wonderful Mother’s Day, especially the first-time mommies out there!

4 thoughts on “my weekend in photos :: mother’s day surprise

  1. These pictures are all soooo good! What an awesome weekend you had! I had a great weekend also. Love to you, Greg, and sweet little Kenley!

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