Seven Months!

We are past the half way point to a year.
Seven months!

Kenley is quickly becoming more mobile.
She can go from sitting, to laying, to her tummy, and even did a little summersault the other day,
unintentionally, of course, and it didn’t phase her one bit.
She can turn on her belly and do a full circle to reach anything,
but no signs of army crawling yet.
She can pull up onto her hands and knees at times and rock back and forth,
but quickly gets frustrated that she can’t go any further.
Like I keep saying, it’s only a matter of time.
Right now she can get to where she wants, majority of the time,
but I have a feeling it’s about to get fun.

Items on the to-do list:
Get baby gates
Baby proof the house
Adopt a no shoe policy in our house

Kenley loves her toys, but would much rather play with things she shouldn’t be,
specifically cell phones, remotes, electronics, her foam play mat, etc.
She’ll put anything in her mouth, but it’s a struggle to get her to really utilize the chew toys,
she’d much rather have her fingers, your fingers, or anyone else’s fingers in her mouth.
Her favorite toy now is her Fisher-Price learning table. The legs can be removed so she can sit with it.
I think this is because we plop her down in front of it and she will play and play.
I’ll be anxious to see what she likes when she can choose where to go and what to play with.

Items on the to-do list:
Get the Fisher-Price iPad or iPhone apptivity case
Baby proof the house

 Kenley’s sleeping schedule at night is pretty consistent and her wake up time varies from day to day,
but is normally between 5am and 6am. She goes to bed between 7:30pm and 7:45pm each night.
Occasionally, she throws us for a loop, like Wednesday when she was up a 4am and ate at 4:30am,
or today when she slept until 7am! (Thanks girl.)
She also sleeps with her little toosh in the air and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Happy seven months Kenley!

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