31 Weeks :: fun facts

31 weeks.

this girl’s hair is long. it’s getting long. so long that it blows in the wind.
all of a sudden, she had hair! it’s fun.

we are so close to be on the move. fully on the move. she gets where she needs to go now,
which is usually just to the edge of the mat to start tearing it apart (evidence below),
but soon she will realize there is a whole world beyond the mat.
it’s going to blow her mind.


Greg lowered her crib mattress yesterday, which was probably good timing.
we went in several times at bedtime last night to find her sitting up,
grabbing onto the top of the crib, getting to her knees, and playing with her bumper.
she just didn’t know what to do with herself.

she is either really annoyed by her two current teeth, or we’re getting ready for a couple more to poke through.
she was clearly uncomfortable today after school, clawing at her mouth and ears, and shaking her head a lot.
she was even whiny on our walk, which rarely happens. That’s usually our “go-to” if she’s upset.
she’s also got a tiny rash around her mouth from enormous amount of drool that’s coming out.

we’ve got some fun first-time things planned this weekend,
I’m sure there will be a ridiculous amount of pictures to follow.