my [memorial day] weekend in photos

[sorry to those who receive email updates, i’m trying to find a different host for photos
and mistakenly published a post… whoops. technical difficulties. forgive me.]


we loaded up the car to head down to grammy’s on friday after dinner.
kenley was well aware that this wasn’t our normal bedtime routine.


we stopped off for a road trip treat.
half chocolate, half vanilla milkshake.


we were up early and ready to swim on saturday.
many more pics to come.


i took advantage of nap time to soak up some rays
and catch up on life, fitness, fashion, and decor.
i finally also finished the second hunger games book. holy moly.


the new coozie of the rest of my life.


hanging out with grammy!


hanging out with mommy!


not sure if we packed enough toys.


jeremy and eric came down to hang out too!


rocking her red, white, and blue for memorial day

photo 1

cousins from colorado!
we were able to stop by the beach on our way home to see them,
which was somewhat of a tease since we had to come back and go to work tomorrow,
but looking forward to spending this weekend with them.

photo 2

first time at the beach, can’t wait to go back.

photo 3

kenley loved seeing her cousins.

photo 4

what was supposed to be a quick trip home turned into a closed interstate
and long detour through the citrus groves.



how was your long weekend? 

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