32 weeks :: weekend away

We visited Grammy’s house this past weekend for the first time since
we celebrated Christmas in early December when Kenley was only seven weeks old.
She was such a tiny little nugget back then. Can’t hardly believe it.
I would like to think that we packed less this second time around,
but I don’t think we did,  I just think our necessities have changed.

 We left right after Kenley had her last meal and was ready for bed,
the car was locked and loaded and she was asleep as soon as we hit the highway.
She slept the entire way, which was our hope, and went to bed relatively easy once we arrived.
It was obvious the next morning that she knew we were someplace different.
She kept looking around side to side, quite hysterical actually.

Saturday was great, sleeping wise. Sunday, not so much.
You could tell that she wasn’t feeling very well all day,
between her teeth and some tummy issues, she just wasn’t a happy camper.
She actually let me cuddle her on the couch and take a nap with her,
which doesn’t happen often. I loved it, but hated that she didn’t feel well.
Bedtime was a challenge too, but we powered through.
Monday seemed to be a little better
and once we got back to our own bed, all was right in the world.

Some fun things that we learned during our weekend away:

Swimming is fun!


The Bumbo makes a great high chair for meal time,
which makes me feel better since we rarely use it at home.


Umbrella strollers are awesome and easy to pack (thanks Charlie for letting Kenley borrow yours!)


Never underestimate the power of a nap.


We love our cloth diapers (especially after using disposables again).
Even if you feel like you’ve over packed, you definitely forgot something you need.
Roll with the punches. She was definitely out of her element, but overall she did great!

32 weeks today!

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