36 Weeks :: doing big girl things

I haven’t taken many videos lately so I thought I better get on that.
I mentioned that Kenley loves her some puffs, so I captured some evidence.
In the next couple of weeks we’re going to start to introduce some finger foods.

At times, I find myself just sitting and watching her play.
Toys are strung across the floor and she just goes from one to the other, often getting distracted by something else, then goes back.
She loves pulling herself up on her table and playing, then plopping back down.
She’s really good at pulling herself up and sometimes the table slides across the floor (silly hardwood) and she’ll even take a step or two  in order to stay up.
I don’t think she realizes she’s doing it, but it’s still fun, nonetheless.
She grabbed something off the couch the other day with both hands and ended up standing by herself for a few seconds before she plopped back down.
It didn’t even phase her, but I was excited.

Our weekly photos are now a two person job and don’t even think about keeping the fabric straight.
This was only one of a few smiling pictures out of many screaming ones.
You’d think we were torturing the poor child.
Nope, she just doesn’t want to be on her back. Same goes for changing clothes and diapers.
Full out screaming at times.
Two words: drama queen.

Oh, Kenley girl, you’re growing up so fast.

my weekend in photos

we have a two part update this weekend

part i: mommy/daughter weekend


friday night, we skyped with daddy since he was away for the weekend


saturday morning, michelle & i took the girls to buy buy baby for a little shopping and girls morning out
the store was awesome, especially since it’s only been open five days
we’re pumped to have one so close now


the girls got to ride in the back together for the first time


playing together


later in the day, cooper came to play with kenley
neither of them look thrilled to be having their picture taken


after bedtime, i enjoyed some me time and got to do some crafting


this is how sunday looked…and felt


thank goodness for wellies because kenley and i had to get out of the house
i think she was feeling the crappy weather too and was not happy about it


snagged this at tj maxx after running  walking briskly in with a 20+ pound baby IN the car seat
best $8 i ever spent at that store

part ii: daddy’s weekend away

greg headed up to atlantic city this weekend to meet his buds for the orion music festival
((the reason for the late post since he gets back today))


he got to meet miss lindsay, which i am pretty jealous about


america & metal (his words, not mine)


metallica about ready to take the stage, only his most favorite band of all time


day game in philly, which also made me pretty jealous


phillies v. rays


we both had wonderful weekends, but we’re sure glad to have daddy back!

how was your weekend?

Eight Months!

Kenley is eight months old today!
I’m making a point to embrace it from here on out,
rather than dwell on the fact that time is passing by entirely too fast.

Wow, where to begin. We are at such a fun stage right now.
Kenley is full out crawling, but would much rather pull herself up to stand.
She has mastered sitting back down, just not gracefully.
It usually involves plopping back down on her rear, which leads to doing this several times in a row.
Pull up on the couch ottoman, plop back down. Pull back up. Plop back down.
Repeat several times.


She is becoming quite the little babbler. She frequently says “mama” and “dada” but we haven’t decided
if she’s using them in quite the right context yet. She also says “baba” a lot. We have no idea what that means.
Her two teeth on the bottom are coming in at rapid speed and the one on top is just poking through.
I will say that teething for the top teeth was a lot worse for her than the bottom two.
With that being said, we hope the other top one pops through soon.


We have had some big changes just this past weekend.
Both Saturday and Sunday, she dropped her late afternoon feeding.
Not sure why, but we just went with it.
We’re still sending three bottles each day to school, but rarely does she finish each of them.
She’s been eating three solid food meals a day with puffs for snacks.
Boy, does this girl love her puffs.
Not going to lie, Greg and I tried the “purple puffs” which are blueberry & sweet potato flavored.
They are damn good!


We have also said goodbye to the tootie.
Paci, binkie, woobie, whatever you call it, it’s gone.
There are plenty of opinions out there on the whens and hows of getting rid of it,
most of which we read, so I will spare you the details.


In other big girl news, Kenley now wears shoes at school!
They go out on the playground each day, which she loves!
Her teachers say that she crawls around, pulls up on everything, and has a ball.
We’ve also broke out the two piece pajamas.
I don’t know why but they seem so much older than the one piece ones.


Aaaaaand, we’re done.

Happy 8 months to our little nugget!

Pinspiration :: DIY Father’s Day Gift

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten all crafty around here.
And while this is really not all that crafty,
I thought I’d share the little story of Kenley’s Father’s Day gift to Greg.

The idea was, of course, inspired by Pinterest, hence “Pinspiration” dubbed by Misha,
It was super easy and relatively cheap, and something all dads will love.

The original pin linked back to this post.

Michelle and I had it planned to take the pictures of the girls on Tuesday.
We thought if something went array, then we would have the rest of the week to work with.

We made our way down to the park located not too far from our house and the sky was threatening.
For those of you who don’t know, summer in Florida means sporadic thunderstorms which
last anywhere from ten minutes to two hours.  I was hoping for the ten minute version that day.

Kenley and I got to the destination, parked the car, and I hopped into the backseat to put on her dress.
Just like that, the sky opened up and it started to monsoon. I stayed in the back trying to occupy her,
texting Michelle, who was doing the same with Kyler just around the corner.

This went on for…

the next forty-five minutes!

It was getting to the point that Kenley was getting restless, it was approaching dinner & bedtime,
and I couldn’t believe we had sat their that long…in my backseat…with a car seat, stroller, and a wiggly child,
who was wearing a dress.

We made the executive decision to just head back to a park closer to our subdivisions to just see what it was like there.
Luckily, it had cleared up and we rushed to get into place just to see if we could get a few good ones in.

Michelle had got the chair for Kyler since she can’t sit up on her own yet and it turned out to be clutch.
The ground was sopping, as were my socks & shoes… obviously, because it had just poured for 45 minutes.

I spent the next twenty minutes crouched down snapping pictures of two girls who were such good sports.
While one was in the chair, Michelle was trying to get her to smile, while holding the other child.
It was exhausting and I’m sure very humorous.


Kenley was much more interested in what was going on outside and throwing the letters.


I’m sure she’s thinking “are you guys serious right now?” with the puff stuck to her chin.


Kyler did great! She just sat in her chair and looked cute.

Once we knew we had reached our maximum time limit with the girls,
we quickly changed their clothes… Kenley went home nakey in just her diaper,
and loaded up our cars. It was just past dinner time so I had a crying baby on my hands.

369 total pictures people. That’s some mad photo taking in a short amount of time!

Later that night, I was trying to reiterate how hectic it was to my mom via text messages and I was just laughing.
Once I sent her the pictures though, she (and I) were shocked how well they turned out!


Greg loved his first Father’s Day gift from Kenley and it really was fun to do!

my weekend in photos :: first father’s day


greg got his father’s day gift a couple days early so he could play with it


the finished product.


saturday was full of running errands. well, just a few errands but they were on the complete opposite sides of town.
napkin as a bib. world’s best parents right here folks. 


whole foods is insanely packed on a saturday afternoon. don’t say i didn’t warn you.


got all festive around here for dad’s day


kyler came to play




first night in two piece, big girl pajamas. when did she get so old?


amy and i had a craving for cookies. unfortunately, we didn’t have enough butter.
olive oil is not an acceptable substitute. cookie fail. 


kenley’s gift to dada. funny story to follow.


trip to sam’s club. guess which frozen treat we chose. 


free tijuana flats for father’s day…for the second year in a row!
greg scored a free entree last year since i was clearly expecting.


how was your weekend?

34 weeks :: on the move

These last few weeks have been so fun watching Kenley learn new things.
We are officially crawling…all over the place. It really started the weekend we were at the beach.
She crawled a significantly longer distance than she had in the past, but we were holding her so much that weekend,
she didn’t really get to fully experience the freedom she had just discovered.
Since then, she’s been exploring the house, stopping at each room and hallway to see what all she’s been missing.

She’s also figured out how to pull herself up, which has not been without a few tears and bumps on the head.


This is makes bedtime and nap time a little more of a challenge, mostly when she has no interest in sleeping.
Luckily, she’s like her mama and that doesn’t happen too often. We do love our sleep.
Each day she’s finding something new to pull herself up on.
The chair ottoman, the couch ottoman, her crib, people, the possibilities are endless!
She’s still working on getting back down. Usually, she just plops down and sometimes falls right over.

We have been utilizing the pack-n-play more as a safe haven for her to play, if we need to get ready or move about the house.
We STILL have yet to truly “baby proof” the house and/or get any baby gates. Mostly because we have yet to decide what areas we are really going to gate.
We don’t have the obvious obstacles, like stairs, so it’s still up for debate.

Within the last couple of days, we’ve had our third tooth pop through!
The top front right tooth has made it’s way through and we are hoping the left one isn’t too far behind.

We’re excited to see what new and exciting things are next. Right around the corner, I’m sure!

sweet summertime

It’s officially summer break here and while our day-to-day schedule doesn’t change much,
there is nothing quite like the sweetness of summertime.


While we have some fun things planned for the summer, I want to make somewhat of a to-do list,
because you and I both know that summer is going to be over before we know it!

After reading Rachel’s make-up must haves for summer (here and here),
I’m going to make a point to try some new, fun, light, and refreshing summertime make-up!


We are going to have a relaxing summer vacation.


We shall begin the first birthday party-planning process. Baby steps.


We want to brave the heat this summer and continue our walking & running regiment.
It’s definitely going to be hard, especially since it’s already hotter than Hades here,
but it’s really important to us to be active and get outside.


Since it’s grilling season, I want to venture out of our comfort zone
and try lots of new recipes on the grill.
Feel free to share your favorites!


What do you have planned this summer??

my weekend in photos


kenley and i did some shopping friday night after work, we may or may not have picked out some father’s day gifts… shh!


greg and i had an exciting evening. take-out, beers, and baby food making. we’re becoming pros.


we were able to meet baby margot on saturday. she is so sweet, tiny, cuddly, and beautiful.
she made kenley look like a teenager!

later, we headed over to the jenkinson’s to play for the evening.

outta my way kyler!

thinking about going over to get her…


after the littles went to bed, we had some grilled wings and s’mores over the fire


we had a pretty productive sunday, after i had a long overdue lunch with ann at panera


speed shopped at target for groceries. literally the quickest i’ve ever filled up the entire cart


this is what nap time has turned into… standing, but not being able to get back down.


learning yoga. downward dog.


our weekend “free of plans” quickly turned into rushing around trying to get everything in.
how does that always happen?

how was your weekend?