33 Weeks :: beach bum

Kenley hit the beach for the first time this past weekend.


We were lucky that the hotel had cabanas included with our rooms, they were first come, first serve.
Good thing we have a human alarm clock that gets us up early.
We were able to snag five of them with the amount of people we had in our parties.


What is this stuff?


Ohhh, it’s wet. I wonder how it tastes.


Playing defense. A daily game in our household.
Of course her bathing suit bottoms and swim diaper were filled with sand.
Luckily, we packed more than enough to take down to the beach with us, including diapers.


Hanging out with the girls in the sun.


The pack-n-play was a last minute decision in case there wasn’t a crib in our hotel room.
It definitely came in handy. We were hoping she would take a snooze in it,
but she obviously didn’t want to miss anything, so that didn’t happen.
It was nice though not to have to hold her the entire time or worry about her getting too much sun, eating sand, etc.


The tide coming in. She loves the water and splashed around a bit.

Overall, the first beach experience was a success.
It definitely helped having great amenities, but now we know, for the most part,
what to expect and what to pack/not to pack for our next beach excursion.

Oh, the perks of Florida living.

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