my weekend in photos


kenley and i did some shopping friday night after work, we may or may not have picked out some father’s day gifts… shh!


greg and i had an exciting evening. take-out, beers, and baby food making. we’re becoming pros.


we were able to meet baby margot on saturday. she is so sweet, tiny, cuddly, and beautiful.
she made kenley look like a teenager!

later, we headed over to the jenkinson’s to play for the evening.

outta my way kyler!

thinking about going over to get her…


after the littles went to bed, we had some grilled wings and s’mores over the fire


we had a pretty productive sunday, after i had a long overdue lunch with ann at panera


speed shopped at target for groceries. literally the quickest i’ve ever filled up the entire cart


this is what nap time has turned into… standing, but not being able to get back down.


learning yoga. downward dog.


our weekend “free of plans” quickly turned into rushing around trying to get everything in.
how does that always happen?

how was your weekend?

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