sweet summertime

It’s officially summer break here and while our day-to-day schedule doesn’t change much,
there is nothing quite like the sweetness of summertime.


While we have some fun things planned for the summer, I want to make somewhat of a to-do list,
because you and I both know that summer is going to be over before we know it!

After reading Rachel’s make-up must haves for summer (here and here),
I’m going to make a point to try some new, fun, light, and refreshing summertime make-up!


We are going to have a relaxing summer vacation.


We shall begin the first birthday party-planning process. Baby steps.


We want to brave the heat this summer and continue our walking & running regiment.
It’s definitely going to be hard, especially since it’s already hotter than Hades here,
but it’s really important to us to be active and get outside.


Since it’s grilling season, I want to venture out of our comfort zone
and try lots of new recipes on the grill.
Feel free to share your favorites!


What do you have planned this summer??

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