34 weeks :: on the move

These last few weeks have been so fun watching Kenley learn new things.
We are officially crawling…all over the place. It really started the weekend we were at the beach.
She crawled a significantly longer distance than she had in the past, but we were holding her so much that weekend,
she didn’t really get to fully experience the freedom she had just discovered.
Since then, she’s been exploring the house, stopping at each room and hallway to see what all she’s been missing.

She’s also figured out how to pull herself up, which has not been without a few tears and bumps on the head.


This is makes bedtime and nap time a little more of a challenge, mostly when she has no interest in sleeping.
Luckily, she’s like her mama and that doesn’t happen too often. We do love our sleep.
Each day she’s finding something new to pull herself up on.
The chair ottoman, the couch ottoman, her crib, people, the possibilities are endless!
She’s still working on getting back down. Usually, she just plops down and sometimes falls right over.

We have been utilizing the pack-n-play more as a safe haven for her to play, if we need to get ready or move about the house.
We STILL have yet to truly “baby proof” the house and/or get any baby gates. Mostly because we have yet to decide what areas we are really going to gate.
We don’t have the obvious obstacles, like stairs, so it’s still up for debate.

Within the last couple of days, we’ve had our third tooth pop through!
The top front right tooth has made it’s way through and we are hoping the left one isn’t too far behind.

We’re excited to see what new and exciting things are next. Right around the corner, I’m sure!

2 thoughts on “34 weeks :: on the move

  1. Awww! I can’t believe she’s already pulling up. She will be walking in no time! We don’t have stairs anymore and I couldn’t be happier. It made my life so much easier. She is coming right along on those teeth! The girls teeth are coming in out of order & they have the two bottom and the second teeth on the top (lateral incisors?), so they look like baby vampires right now. It’s hilarious! I was starting to get worried that they may not have front teeth? They finally popped through now, so no worries, lol!

    • Awww little vampire babies. I love it! Yes, Kenley has not sat still a single day in her life, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s ready to start walking soon. She needs to slow down, I can’t handle all these changes! Haha.

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