Pinspiration :: DIY Father’s Day Gift

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten all crafty around here.
And while this is really not all that crafty,
I thought I’d share the little story of Kenley’s Father’s Day gift to Greg.

The idea was, of course, inspired by Pinterest, hence “Pinspiration” dubbed by Misha,
It was super easy and relatively cheap, and something all dads will love.

The original pin linked back to this post.

Michelle and I had it planned to take the pictures of the girls on Tuesday.
We thought if something went array, then we would have the rest of the week to work with.

We made our way down to the park located not too far from our house and the sky was threatening.
For those of you who don’t know, summer in Florida means sporadic thunderstorms which
last anywhere from ten minutes to two hours.  I was hoping for the ten minute version that day.

Kenley and I got to the destination, parked the car, and I hopped into the backseat to put on her dress.
Just like that, the sky opened up and it started to monsoon. I stayed in the back trying to occupy her,
texting Michelle, who was doing the same with Kyler just around the corner.

This went on for…

the next forty-five minutes!

It was getting to the point that Kenley was getting restless, it was approaching dinner & bedtime,
and I couldn’t believe we had sat their that long…in my backseat…with a car seat, stroller, and a wiggly child,
who was wearing a dress.

We made the executive decision to just head back to a park closer to our subdivisions to just see what it was like there.
Luckily, it had cleared up and we rushed to get into place just to see if we could get a few good ones in.

Michelle had got the chair for Kyler since she can’t sit up on her own yet and it turned out to be clutch.
The ground was sopping, as were my socks & shoes… obviously, because it had just poured for 45 minutes.

I spent the next twenty minutes crouched down snapping pictures of two girls who were such good sports.
While one was in the chair, Michelle was trying to get her to smile, while holding the other child.
It was exhausting and I’m sure very humorous.


Kenley was much more interested in what was going on outside and throwing the letters.


I’m sure she’s thinking “are you guys serious right now?” with the puff stuck to her chin.


Kyler did great! She just sat in her chair and looked cute.

Once we knew we had reached our maximum time limit with the girls,
we quickly changed their clothes… Kenley went home nakey in just her diaper,
and loaded up our cars. It was just past dinner time so I had a crying baby on my hands.

369 total pictures people. That’s some mad photo taking in a short amount of time!

Later that night, I was trying to reiterate how hectic it was to my mom via text messages and I was just laughing.
Once I sent her the pictures though, she (and I) were shocked how well they turned out!


Greg loved his first Father’s Day gift from Kenley and it really was fun to do!