Eight Months!

Kenley is eight months old today!
I’m making a point to embrace it from here on out,
rather than dwell on the fact that time is passing by entirely too fast.

Wow, where to begin. We are at such a fun stage right now.
Kenley is full out crawling, but would much rather pull herself up to stand.
She has mastered sitting back down, just not gracefully.
It usually involves plopping back down on her rear, which leads to doing this several times in a row.
Pull up on the couch ottoman, plop back down. Pull back up. Plop back down.
Repeat several times.


She is becoming quite the little babbler. She frequently says “mama” and “dada” but we haven’t decided
if she’s using them in quite the right context yet. She also says “baba” a lot. We have no idea what that means.
Her two teeth on the bottom are coming in at rapid speed and the one on top is just poking through.
I will say that teething for the top teeth was a lot worse for her than the bottom two.
With that being said, we hope the other top one pops through soon.


We have had some big changes just this past weekend.
Both Saturday and Sunday, she dropped her late afternoon feeding.
Not sure why, but we just went with it.
We’re still sending three bottles each day to school, but rarely does she finish each of them.
She’s been eating three solid food meals a day with puffs for snacks.
Boy, does this girl love her puffs.
Not going to lie, Greg and I tried the “purple puffs” which are blueberry & sweet potato flavored.
They are damn good!


We have also said goodbye to the tootie.
Paci, binkie, woobie, whatever you call it, it’s gone.
There are plenty of opinions out there on the whens and hows of getting rid of it,
most of which we read, so I will spare you the details.


In other big girl news, Kenley now wears shoes at school!
They go out on the playground each day, which she loves!
Her teachers say that she crawls around, pulls up on everything, and has a ball.
We’ve also broke out the two piece pajamas.
I don’t know why but they seem so much older than the one piece ones.


Aaaaaand, we’re done.

Happy 8 months to our little nugget!

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