my weekend in photos

we have a two part update this weekend

part i: mommy/daughter weekend


friday night, we skyped with daddy since he was away for the weekend


saturday morning, michelle & i took the girls to buy buy baby for a little shopping and girls morning out
the store was awesome, especially since it’s only been open five days
we’re pumped to have one so close now


the girls got to ride in the back together for the first time


playing together


later in the day, cooper came to play with kenley
neither of them look thrilled to be having their picture taken


after bedtime, i enjoyed some me time and got to do some crafting


this is how sunday looked…and felt


thank goodness for wellies because kenley and i had to get out of the house
i think she was feeling the crappy weather too and was not happy about it


snagged this at tj maxx after running  walking briskly in with a 20+ pound baby IN the car seat
best $8 i ever spent at that store

part ii: daddy’s weekend away

greg headed up to atlantic city this weekend to meet his buds for the orion music festival
((the reason for the late post since he gets back today))


he got to meet miss lindsay, which i am pretty jealous about


america & metal (his words, not mine)


metallica about ready to take the stage, only his most favorite band of all time


day game in philly, which also made me pretty jealous


phillies v. rays


we both had wonderful weekends, but we’re sure glad to have daddy back!

how was your weekend?