my weekend in photos

this weekend was the tail end of our summer vaca.


my first trip to the container store. i was in organization heaven.


i finally got to meet sweet baby hayden and those pretty blue eyes


our little zeta legacies. can you believe hayden and addy are sisters?


half of our group together in indiana with our babies, missing our other half.


kenley and holden playing together


he was so sweet and patient with her


one last swim before it was time to leave


leaving the insanely hot weather while downing five shots of espresso between greg and i


allowing our child to play on the dirty airport floors. judge away.


strange clouds coming into orlando. more on our flight and traveling later.


after errands and grocery shopping, we headed over to the jenkinson’s
kyler can sit up now and play with kenley


as i pulled out my computer to start blogging,
i realized this is what happens when you check your computer in your luggage.

there were tears.
hindsight it was a bad move even though we’ve done this many times,
but that’s easy to say now.


a full vaca recap is to follow this week. we’re back to the real world tomorrow.
how was your weekend? 

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