summer vacation

While some may not consider a trip to Indiana a “summer vacation”, it was for us.
Who would have thought that when we booked our trip months ago
that it would be hotter in Indiana than it was in Florida.
No joke, it was over 100* the entire time we were there.
Another fun fact, it stays light so late up there. Like, the sun set at 9:15pm,
so there were nights that we went to bed and it was still light outside. Yeah, winners.

This trip to Indiana was the perfect mix of relaxing and seeing family & friends.
We got to see most of our family & friends on the first night we were there!


Michael & Rachel were down from Chi-town for a few days, so it was great to see them.
For some reason, it took Kenley a little to warm up to Michael,
which was strange since she had just seen him over Mother’s Day weekend.


All of the Lower great-grandkids were in one place at one time!
David & Jodi made the trip to Indiana for the week too, so it worked out nicely.
It was so good to see the majority of our cousins & their kids,
even though we did miss the ones who couldn’t make it.


Megan also made the trip up from Btown to snuggle Miss Kenley.



Over the course of the night, Kenley was passed from one person to the next
and didn’t make one peep about it. She was so good and stayed up way past her bedtime,
which her father and I paid for later,
but that was okay since it meant she got to see a lot of different people.


We spent the following days swimming and playing outside as much as we could.
Greg and I also hit up our local favorites like Dortee’s, the Mexican restaurant, and the Curve.





We celebrated the 4th of July with a trip out on the boat.
Due to the insane heat and lack of rain, the lake was being drained by the day,
so it was crazy low and was one of the last days the boat was actually in the water.
Pretty crazy, but luckily we were able to head out for a short bit.
Greg and I stayed under the umbrella with Kenley and jumped in when we could.
We didn’t see one firework while we were there also due to the heat and dryness.


Cameron and Kenley got to play together afterwards!


Greg and I celebrated our 4th anniversary while we were vacationing.
We played golf in the morning. Kenley came along for the ride and loved it!
After bedtime, we headed to dinner just the two of us.
It was great having grandma and grandpa there to babysit.
I had big plans to blog about our wedding day to commemorate our anniversary,
but that clearly didn’t get done, so look for that post in the future.


Overall, Kenley did wonderful. We tried to stay on schedule as much as possible,
and she even ended up taking an extra nap every day we were there.
It was so fun for Greg and I to spend the week with her.
She’s changing every day and learning new things and we were able to watch her explore
her new surroundings which was great.
More on traveling with a tot later.

I think it’s safe to say Kenley enjoyed her time at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

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