my weekend in photos


this is how i found the little one in her crib saturday morning.
apparently snap pajamas just get in the way now. 


sally and i got our hair did and i got to snuggle baby margot.
my arm was feeling it the rest of the day. it’s amazing how quickly you forget how life was with a six week old. 




trying to figure out why she can’t open and close the cabinet anymore.
finally, we baby proofed… well started to.

when kenley woke up from her nap, kyler was here.

just chillin’


sunday morning run before and after.
that’s exactly how i felt too. 


after our run, we headed over to st. pete for the rays vs. red sox game


maggi was here!


the girls + jack. can ya tell we’re related?


kenley and jack got to play with each other. jack is coming in for a kiss.


playing with aunt ya-ya


sweet KP loving on kenley


playing and showing off her new fish face.


we had a great weekend and were so happy to see some of the fam.
how was your weekend? 

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