my weekend in photos


came home friday to a pretty pink box at my door. the start of my latest adventure. i’m now a consultant!


greg worked late, but we enjoyed a beverage together when he got home. my first 19th hole. delicious!


held the diapers off until saturday so i could sun them outside since it had been a while. totally worth it.


love coming into to this sweet face after naptime


sweet benjamin came over for a play date


our america-loving nuggets


such a fun afternoon catching up with jessica and watching ben & kenley play

after nap time, kyler came by too


sunday, ann & jackson came over 


jackson is a week and a half old and so sweet, tiny, and wrinkley
i had to keep a very close eye on kenley. she was very interested in him.


greg and i were trying to remember what it was like to have a newborn
it’s crazy how quickly you forget


the rest of the weekend was spent sewing, cleaning, and grocery shopping
how was your weekend??

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