40 weeks :: toothy smile

It’s amazing how happy this girl is. She will smile and laugh for no reason at all.
She has us laughing all the time too. She is developing quite a little personality
and has begun “talking” more and more… she may be taking after her mother, we’re not sure.

Tooth number five is making it’s way down so when she smiles you can see at least four teeth.

I had a request for more videos and just took this yesterday. Once I uploaded it, I realized it’s pretty boring,
but I’ll post it for those who are interested. This is just a glimpse (three minutes to be exact) into the life of Miss Kenley,
but it shows some of her favorite things to do.

She moves from one thing to the next. Trying to open and close the cabinets.
Making noises. Chewing things. Shaking her little tooshie.
Occasionally shutting her hand in the computer part of her play table. Standing up and sitting down.

I’ll try to do a better job of taking vids.