my weekend in photos


we finally got a gate (craigslist special) and kenley loves playing with it

kyler giving kenley a little taste of her own medicine


after our morning run and a little bit of relaxing, we headed out to run our weekend errands.
of course it starts raining cats and dogs as soon as we leave. luckily, it didn’t last long.


babies r us had the perfect size chair for kenley to try out.


the ingredients needed for a perfect pico de gallo


had to head out to get a power ball ticket (we didn’t win. drats.) and got a treat too!


the perfect combination. pico and corona light. thanks to whoever left this in our fridge!


my pal ryan brought me a doritos los tacos since he knew i hadn’t tried it yet. pretty good.


after church, we headed to brunch with the jenkinson’s. greg and i split some pancakes. they were heavenly.


her tooth is cutting through on the top and she was not a happy camper about it.
heartbreaking, yet so cute.


kenley’s newest crawl. one knee and one foot.


apparently, i really liked food this weekend. how was your weekend??

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