42 weeks :: whiney butt

Since we’ve been working on our latest tooth, this little one has been quite the little whiney butt.
It seems like she is always on the verge of tears.
It doesn’t help that she’s all over the place getting into everything,
which leads to fingers getting pinched in the drawers (x 10) and her head getting bonked on the floor.

This week she has even cried when Greg has picked her up from school. Who does that?
She must really be having fun there.
Usually her crying lasts about 30 seconds, then she’s perfectly fine. She can really turn it on and off.
I have a feeling she’s being just a little dramatic majority of the time.

Seriously, you’d think taking her picture was the end of the world.
She does not like to be on her back. This also goes for clothes and diaper changes as well.
Not happy about it.

On another note, she was having fun rearranging the furniture this weekend.
It was funny to watch her think about what she wanted to do and how to go about doing it.