Ten Months!

We have reached double digits people. 10 months.



The biggest change from our nine month update until now is her eating schedule.
I mentioned that her milk intake was dropping a little. Since then, it has dropped a lot.
Everything I have read (and I’ve been reading a lot) says that babies under age one do not typically wean themselves,
so I don’t want to say that she’s self-weaning, but she definitely is drinking less milk.
She also decided that she was done with the bottle…which first started the drop in the milk.
She flat out refused. She would chew on the nipple and then spit out her milk like it was a fun game.
Those of you who have pumped milk  know this is not a fun game.
The nurse and doctor were not concerned since her last weight check was good
and she’s continuing to eat solid food like a champ.
They suggested just trying the sippy cup and we are still working on it.
We’ve tried three different types and two different brands and we have a winner…for now.
I’m still feeding her in the morning and at night, but the other attempts at milk are all from the sippy cup.
She’s eating three to four small solid food meals a day and we are continuing to introduce more foods.
We had a semi-unexpected trip to the doctor on Friday and Kenley weighed in at exactly 20 pounds.


Another fun change since last month is our daily wake up call. We mentioned to our doctor that Kenley was still getting up anywhere from 5am-6am to eat, then going back to sleep. She suggested that we push back this feeding, and we gladly obliged. It really only took two days of us not going in there when she first woke up. She eventually would fall back asleep, then we would feed her the next time she woke up, and was up for good.
At first it was 6am, then it slowly crept later and later. The last couple of days, we haven’t gone into get her until after 7am! Even if she is awake, she is happy as a clam just sitting in there and playing.
Excuse me while I go knock on wood.


Other fun things this month: clapping, waving, talking, and dancing.
This girl loves music. As soon as any of her toys start to make noise, she moves it and shakes it. She’s also adding to her long list of words. We are up to: mama, dada, hi, bye, ball, and uh-oh. She says hi like it’s going out of style. The girl loves to talk and babble.


Kenley starts in a new class tomorrow at school with a new teacher, so I’m sure her schedule will change slightly as we head into a new school year. Also on that note, I’m hoping that our routine at home changes slightly too. The mornings are exceptionally hard getting out of the house at a decent time to beat traffic and get everybody where they need to be on time. Our goal is to start doing more at night, even if all we want to do is sit on the couch. We think this will make our mornings less hectic. Here’s to hoping, right?


It’s no surprise that this little girl is not our cuddly newborn anymore. She’s becoming more independent every day, but with that, it’s so fun to watch her try things out on her own and learn new things.


On that note. Someone took three steps yesterday! Look out world.

Happy 1o month birthday Kenley!

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