my weekend in photos


kenley was included on a fun book exchange letter and she got her first book on friday, a classic.


saturday morning included some birthday party planning with sweet isabel.
it’s very hard for me to not explode with excitement and share all of our ideas right now.


we hit up the farmer’s market for the best kettle corn you’ve ever tasted and an arnold palmer shake-up.

kyler came to play later. they are having a staring contest.

telling kyler “hiiii”


every time we go to target, i tell kenley we are going to her favorite store.

sunday afternoon was dedicated to arts & crafts.
i did some serious work on first birthday party goods. no sharing yet.
then helped michelle do some fun crayon artwork. i think this may be on my to-do list.


sunday night, i made not one, but two dinners. those of you who know me know this is not a small feat.
i was truly exhausted afterwards.


how was your weekend?

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