Our Must Have List Part III

Here is Part I and Part II of our list.

Last I left off we had made it through the first seven months.

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

We use our high chair religiously, especially now that Kenley is eating solids on a regular schedule.
Even before solids, the high chair was a great place to let her sit and play.
I honestly wish I would have gotten it out sooner, so we could have put her in it when she was younger.
We especially love this particular high chair because it sits directly on a chair at our kitchen table.
Our eating area isn’t huge, so I didn’t want a bulky high chair taking up a ton of space.
When we have friends over, we remove it so we get the chair back, but it really does save space!

Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat

Kenley has outgrown her infant car seat, which is both happy and sad.
Happy because she was getting too heavy to lug around in that thing anyway and
sad because that means she’s not a little tiny baby anymore!
A friend recommended Britax to us when we were registering and we received the Marathon
before Kenley was born, so we used the convertible car seat as our second car seat,
and opted against buying a second base for the Chicco.
When it was time to buy another car seat, I definitely wanted another Britax.
I found last year’s model of the Boulevard still available for at a cheaper price, so I jumped on it.

Baby Bullet

This could go for any food processing device, really. We have been making Kenley’s food at home,
and this little guy has helped out in that process immensely.
We have some additional storage containers for the freezer and fridge, like the OXO Tot and Munchkin brands,
but we also use ice cube trays for freezing foods and toss them into a freezer bag.
This works especially well when we make a ton of food at a time.

Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub

This tub could have definitely made the last two lists, but it just missed the cut.
Sorry whale.
But honestly, we love this thing and Kenley loves it too.
We have used it since she was able to take a regular bath and are still using it.
The infant “baby stopper” piece comes out so she can sit in the tub and splash away.
Bath time is definitely one of our favorite times.


Items from previous lists that we still use regularly:

Boppy Pillow
Medela Pump in Style
aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets
Sophie the Giraffe
Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine and the Cloud b Gentle Giraffe


There you have it, probably the last installment of our must-have list.
What must-haves do you use that we left off?

41 weeks :: photo overload

Can we just stop a second? How is it August 1st?
Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess.

In honor of the new month, I’m going to overload you with some photos from July that never made it to the blog.
I was looking back on Kenley’s younger years months and was shocked how many pictures I have of her on my phone,
You’d think I was obsessed with taking photos of her. Oh wait, I am.
I was especially surprised by how many I have of her as a wee little newborn that I never posted!
So sorry for that.


Loves playing at the window and in the curtains.


Enjoying a snack outside in her swim suit on a hot summer day. Doesn’t get much better.


One big difference between Indiana and Florida is the grass. Florida grass is hard and crunchy and not fun.
Kenley has really ever been in the grass so she was not sure what to think.
It didn’t help that Indiana is going through the worst drought in history, so that grass wasn’t too fun either.


She definitely has a love/hate relationship with animals. She’s definitely not sure at first…


but does warm up to them later. Holden’s baby kitten was the perfect size for her!


Just swinging at the park with Kyler. They must have got the memo that day to wear green.


Heaven on earth right here. This girl loves her cords.
I had written my computer off at this point, so I let her get a few good whacks in.
Still works, no worries.


This was the only way I could get her to pose with her “First Rays Game” button.


This is probably one of my favorite pictures. She had so much fun figuring out how to open the drawer,
then proceed to take every single shirt out of it. This ranks up there with opening and closing cabinets.
Not even sure why she needs toys.

41 weeks today!