my weekend in photos


our last lunch at lazy moon…until january at least


kenley saying bye to mama before heading over to tampa


tailgating before the brad paisley concert


we hit up the vip lounge before the band perry


this was my first time seeing brad. the show was amazing.
easily one of the top five concerts i’ve ever seen.
it had been way too long since i had seen a good, outdoor, country show.


after a small incident involving locked keys in a running car,
we made it to ashley & britton’s wedding.


enjoying our evening together


everything about the wedding and reception was perfect


the gorgeous bride


kenley had a sleepover at kyler’s while we were at the wedding


she loved playing on kyler’s chair, which makes mama very happy for her birthday present!


found this at sam’s club today while running errands.
it’s about to go down…


we had quite an eventful weekend and it was great!
a country concert and a wedding in one weekend, can’t beat that.

how was your weekend?

49 weeks :: whirlwind

These last ten days can only be described in one word: whirlwind.
Two Sundays ago, I made the decision to go to Indiana the following weekend
and purchased two, one-way, non-refundable flights.
I had a lot to do before we left!
The next day, Kenley went home from school with a fever.
Great way to start the week!

She stayed home the next two days, with either Greg or I,
teething and with a fever. It was obvious she just wasn’t feeling well.
I tried really hard not to dwell on the fact that I was supposed to be flying
alone with her in just a few days.


We tried to resume our normal schedule on Thursday,
only to get a call that afternoon that Kenley had to go home, yet again.
I knew we were pushing our luck by trying to send her to school on Friday,
but alas, she was there the whole day!

We hopped on a plane Friday night and headed to Indiana for the weekend.


Since we’ve been back, our week has been busy and will continue that way throughout the weekend.
And then it’s October… which gives me a little bit of anxiety,
but it’s our favorite month and we have a lot of fun things happening!

To keep up with the “are we sick or not sick?” trend, I caught K mid-sneeze.
I thought it was appropriate.

my weekend in indiana

Kenley and I headed up to Indiana for a quick trip this past weekend.
45 hours, to be exact.
We had some fun, family functions we had been invited to,
but I just pulled the trigger last weekend and decided to just go.
This was after a very crazy week, which I will share with you at a later date.

We had SO much fun and saw SO many people during our short visit.
It was awesome to enjoy the first day of fall with the cool, crisp weather.


We celebrated Megan & baby GB on Saturday morning.
Meg didn’t know that Kenley & I were coming in, nor Misha, who came from Seattle!







Later that night, we celebrated Logan & Vanessa who got married in Alaska!
Fail, I didn’t even get a picture of the bride and groom.








Sunday, we had a play date with Katie & Ashton and spent time with the other side of the family.





I like to think that I’ve reached pro traveler status by flying solo with Kenley.
Even though I know moms do it probably all the time, I’m pretty impressed that we did so well.
Kenley was a rock star and flying after bedtime was an excellent idea.
Not to mention, I made it there and back with one carry-on suitcase.
That’s got to be some sort of record!


We had a great weekend in Indiana
and were so thankful to see so many wonderful people in such a short amount of time.


How was your weekend?

Eleven Months!

Eleven months slash 48 weeks old today!


Our photo ops are becoming more interesting. This girl is all over the place and hates headbands.
It’s quite hysterical, between Greg and I singing, yelling, dancing, and making weird noises,
to Kenley crawling all over the place and trying to find the headband on her head
(picture dog chasing his tail) before she finally yanks it off.
However, we got a few keepers.


Kenley is becoming such a toddler. I can’t even consider her a baby anymore.
Long gone are the days of cuddling, bottles, and pacifiers.
With that comes a bit of ease. We usually know her wants and needs, so we’ll gladly say
good riddance to the days of a crying baby and clueless parents.
By no means do we have it all down. We are still battling nap time on the weekends,
but I think we’re not doing too bad at this point.

Kenley is also developing quite a little attitude personality.


One of her teachers even described her as “bossy” at times.
We are definitely learning how to share and have nice hands.
I have a feeling she’s going to give us a run for our money.


She is a great little eater, but we are struggling to keep up.
We really love making her food and feeding her fresh fruits and veggies,
but since we’re moving out of the puree stage, it’s getting hard to add variety.
I have been scouring Weelicious and other toddler recipe sites, but we are open to suggestions.
She is doing well with her sippy cup and has recently started to use her straw cup too.


Her new class and new teachers are wonderful!
She is one of the oldest in the class, so I think this may have something to do with her bossy tendencies.
Maybe she’s just being a leader? …maybe?
They seem to have a great schedule for them during the day which translates to a good weekly schedule for us too,
even in the mornings! We are getting better, that’s for sure.
Since she has started in the new class, she has been signing. We had not done it much at home, but are getting better.
The most frequent signs are “more” and “all done”, with the occasional “please” in there.
She is also becoming more verbal. She does a good job of repeating words and sounds that we do.


One month ago Kenley took her first few steps and she is getting better and better.
She is getting more brave and is starting to take it upon herself to walk from one thing to the next.
Of course, she does it on her own time (i.e. not for the camera), which is perfectly fine.


We have hit a new level of teething this week. We are guessing it’s time for molars.
I cannot begin to explain the amount of drool that is coming out of this child’s mouth.
Not to mention a fever, which has kept her home from school the last two days,
and just an overall whiny, puny, not good feeling.
The doctor checked her out and she’s not sick, so that’s a plus,
but she has cuddled and fallen asleep on each of us, which is a definite sign that she’s not feeling well.
It’s heartbreaking. Sleepless nights are back in the Gilbertson household.
Let’s hope they don’t last long!

There you have it! Eleven months!
One month until the big O-N-E!

my weekend in photos


someone really loves her books.

I don't know why but I can't stop dying laughing at this email. #whatadope @DoubleG1011

i honestly died laughing when i read this. in target.
while i was in line at starbucks and greg was in produce.
he makes me laugh.


took advantage of the baby sale at old navy.
kenley will be rocking stripes this fall.


i made zucchini muffins. from scratch. believe it.
recipe from weelicious. we all liked them too!

Long walk. Beautiful evening. #nofilter

long walk on saturday evening.
it was beautiful.


weekend nap wars continued at our household.


judging by our photos, or lack there of, our weekend was not too exciting.
but that’s ok.

how was yours?




my weekend in photos


she already knows what to do with the phone


she just walked right over to me while i was trying to take her picture


amy and ryan came to play and watch football on saturday


we watched ucf put up a good fight against ohio state
and watched iu win against umass, thanks to espn3


i completed lots of fun, random crafts this weekend between football watching.
mod podge is the greatest thing ever.


excited about being at her favorite store, target.

Football is back.

football on sunday is back. one of us was very pleased with our rookie qb and team today.


after a busy weekend last week, we were happy to lay low this weekend.
what did you do? any fun crafts? did your team win?




46 weeks :: burrito dog

It’s September, so I will unload some never-before-seen photos from the past month.
Ok, “never-before-seen” may be a little dramatic, but here you go.


This face says “you have something up there that I want”


Our little burrito dog.
We just learned to give her toys post-bath so she doesn’t scream while we change her.
Better late than never I guess.


We got to see Kelly for a few hours when she was in town on business!


We thought this shirt was appropriate for Meet the Teacher night.
Thanks Celeste!


Oh Kenley. You sure are cute when you’re mad.


My child, already a pro at the self portrait.
You have no idea how proud this makes me.

46 weeks today!

my [long] weekend in photos


greg and i were twinsies for college colors day on friday.
i was wearing cream and crimson in my heart, don’t worry.
please ignore my awkward hair/sunglasses on my head.


melissa was in town this weekend. so happy.


we celebrated with beers and friends.


greg celebrated by drinking a 40, which you cannot buy in florida. fun fact.


kenley, sporting her college colors, and kyler


…and then they were bored with me.


kenley and cooper having an intense conversation


snuggling with baby jackson


successful saturday morning trip to IKEA with the jenkinson’s


we have learned to take every toy out of the bin. it’s fun!


sunday morning brunch with amy & melissa


strolling on park ave


finally, a picture with mommy!

freshly stripped diapers, so fresh and so clean.


labor day food babies (ryan’s words, not mine) at 4Rivers smokehouse


melissa’s food crawl, spanning 4 days
tijuana flats, lazy moon, briar patch, publix subs, 4Rivers smokehouse, and sweet! cupcakes


needless to say, we had an awesome, action-packed, fun weekend with melissa in town.
how was your long weekend?