49 weeks :: whirlwind

These last ten days can only be described in one word: whirlwind.
Two Sundays ago, I made the decision to go to Indiana the following weekend
and purchased two, one-way, non-refundable flights.
I had a lot to do before we left!
The next day, Kenley went home from school with a fever.
Great way to start the week!

She stayed home the next two days, with either Greg or I,
teething and with a fever. It was obvious she just wasn’t feeling well.
I tried really hard not to dwell on the fact that I was supposed to be flying
alone with her in just a few days.


We tried to resume our normal schedule on Thursday,
only to get a call that afternoon that Kenley had to go home, yet again.
I knew we were pushing our luck by trying to send her to school on Friday,
but alas, she was there the whole day!

We hopped on a plane Friday night and headed to Indiana for the weekend.


Since we’ve been back, our week has been busy and will continue that way throughout the weekend.
And then it’s October… which gives me a little bit of anxiety,
but it’s our favorite month and we have a lot of fun things happening!

To keep up with the “are we sick or not sick?” trend, I caught K mid-sneeze.
I thought it was appropriate.