I’ve been getting questions about how my training
is going for the OUC Orlando Half-Marathon.
I’ve also had this post sitting in my drafts for a while,
so I guess it’s high time for me to write about it.

It started out really well at the beginning of September,
but an unexpected sick child and a trip home to Indiana put a little damper on my training.
I’m back on the upswing now
and survived my longest run to date on Saturday, 5.5 miles.

Up until this point, I haven’t had too much trouble finding time to run,
especially since our little nugget loves her jogging stroller.
My weekday runs are increasing in length though,
so hopefully I can continue to get in 4-5 days of running each week.

I have also registered for another race in the meantime,
the U Can Finish Distance Dare, which is the 5 mile + 2 mile race.
It turned out that it was the same weekend as my previously scheduled
7 mile run, so I figured it be good to get a race in there.

 I do need some help, and am in need of some recommendations.

Running gear.
What are your favorites?
I really need socks and sports bras,
but will take suggestions for tops, shorts, capris, etc.
What do you love, what do you hate?

What do you do for water on runs?
I would like to drink water on long runs,
but I have been spoiled having the stroller hold my water bottle during the week.
I ran once holding my water bottle in my hand and hated it.
My next 2-3 long runs I ran without water.
What are my other options?

Weight training.
I know I want to do core and arms, but I’m not sure where to start.
Other than the obvious, sit-ups, crunches, and push-ups.
Send me any good workouts that you love,
preferably ones that are quick that I can do at home.

Thanks for your support & recommendations, interweb friends!

5 thoughts on “running

  1. Here are my tips after running long distances since 2004…best sports bras are champion, available at target or sports authority. Best socks…try and find a multi pack of Adidas. They wick and hold up well after many washes.
    I like carrying a water bottle that has a hook that I can carry on a couple fingers and move around. Also good are shorts or skirts with pockets for gels for longer runs.
    For cross training…I do push ups, free weights (5lbs) and sit-ups. Oh and plank 🙂 good luck!!! Can’t wait til my Kenley lookalike is big enough for a jogging stroller!!

  2. Nathan got this hydration belt an I think he’s been happy with it for long runs.

    You can adjust where the bottles are so that they don’t just flop around on your back.

    I second the champion sports bras! Get the ones that aren’t just cotton, but more of that wicking material. On sale this week for $15! You can’t beat it 🙂

  3. gear.
    i live for under armour. a little more expensive but its very comfy and durable. they have random good online sales. the trick for me is to shop out of season to get cheaper but better quality. i really like nike sport bras (but i only buy them on sale). and i use asics socks. i just pick those up at a running store. just dont use cotton…in any garment you run in. but i pretty much just go to the running stores once every few months and stock up on whatever they have on sale.

    i am with you on not wanting to carry water during runs. i know some people who will drop a water bottle off at a specific location on their route but that has always freaked me out. i have a handheld ( that i use and deal with. some of those handhelds have pockets to fit your phone so you can listen to music. i tried a running belt but it kept moving up when i ran so i retired that after the first time i used it. you could always plan your route to run by your house mid way and stop for water there. i do that sometimes. i’ve also stopped at random restaurants and asked for a cup of water. no shame. LOL. side note: i also only bring water when i run over 8 miles. but you live in a warmer temp so that definitely makes a difference.

    weight training.
    can’t help you out there. i have 5 lbs that i used to do upper body with. then i got lazy and stopped doing it. i think yoga is a good alternative though (especially with the help it will do with stretching)

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