embrace the camera :: 10/4/12

I often think about how I should be embracing the camera more
or about how I should be more intentional about getting into the pictures.
I make promises (to myself) that I will do better.
But when I don’t do better,
I’m thankful to have family around to capture sweet moments.

Thank you, Misha 

I’m linking up with Emily of the Anderson Family Crew,
and I hopefully I”ll make a habit out of this.

3 thoughts on “embrace the camera :: 10/4/12

  1. Ah, I love that picture of you and Kenley. I can’t believe I took that; I blame it on the camera! I feel te same way about being more deliberate about taking pictures. I often wish I had more pictures of me and Aaron, or our family, or just the things that we are doing. But, I do think there is a fine line (sometimes) between capturing the moment and missing out on the moment (i.e., being stuck behind a camera).

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