my weekend in photos


majority of our weekend was spent in our office/craft room/junk room.
one, because our router (we think) got fried when lightning struck, so we didn’t have wifi,
and two, i did some major work for an upcoming birthday party celebration we’re having.


diy lilly coasters … love them!


just a little something i was working on.


chiptole for lunch & kenley’s first menu item. cheese quesadilla!

Dawgs or Cocks? Who ya got? @iamryanfitz @ryanlavner

headed over to amy & ryan’s for some chic-fil-a nuggets, guacamole, football, and friends.
it’s apparent these two were cheering for different teams.

Friends. @ahoskin924

amy & kenley


kenley loves watching daddy mow. i love this picture.

Play date

play time with charlie and margot.
it’s nearly impossible to get a good picture of these three.
one day.

Tall boy

tall boy of diet mountain dew. ah-mazing.

just walking around…. all by herself…. on her own.
who is this toddler?


we had a great, somewhat relaxing weekend.
the real october fun is about to begin! we’re ready!

how was your weekend?