51 weeks :: walking

We have officially reached the walking stage…
Who is this child?

She is still a tad wobbly, but she’s doing a great job and knows no fear.
It’s so fun to watch her learn new things and this is definitely no exception.
Over the past month or so, she has gotten more brave letting go of things
and taking steps from one object to the next.
Out of no where this past week, she was walking. Just like that.

Greg and I will still drop everything we’re doing and just watch her.
She seems so different now that she’s not on all fours crawling around.
She’s not a baby anymore, by any means.
But, she also seems too little to just be walking around.
It’s mind blowing, if you didn’t catch that already! Ha.

With walking comes the other fun stuff.
I got a call today from her teacher saying that she had fallen into the bookshelf,
and not to be alarmed when I saw a bruise on her head when we picked her up.
Live and learn right?

51 weeks…….and then there was one.

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