Kenley’s Weekly Photo Project

The idea for Kenley’s weekly photos came from Young House Love.
Here is the tutorial on how to do the weekly onesie!
It’s the same onesie each week!

weekly photos 2-8
weekly photo 9-13
weekly photos 14-18
weekly photos 19-23
weekly photos 24-28
weekly photos 29-34
weekly photos 35-39
weekly photos 40-46
weekly photos 47-52

It’s amazing to see how much she’s changed each week.
Here is the entire album, for your viewing pleasure.

Kenley, it’s been fun!

6 thoughts on “Kenley’s Weekly Photo Project

  1. Love this! I can’t believe she is a year old! I can’t wait to do this project with my little ones (okay, I CAN wait!). Also, I definitely need your help with formatting pictures (like making them all different sizes but still centered on the page – does that make sense – do tell! I can’t wait to see the birthday projects an pictures; i wish we could be there! XO

    • Aww thank you! The secret is PicMonkey! They are just collages and are so easy. Definitely play around with it. Wish y’all could be here too! I cannot believe she’s [almost] one! Holy cow!

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