my weekend in photos


majority of our weekend was spent in our office/craft room/junk room.
one, because our router (we think) got fried when lightning struck, so we didn’t have wifi,
and two, i did some major work for an upcoming birthday party celebration we’re having.


diy lilly coasters … love them!


just a little something i was working on.


chiptole for lunch & kenley’s first menu item. cheese quesadilla!

Dawgs or Cocks? Who ya got? @iamryanfitz @ryanlavner

headed over to amy & ryan’s for some chic-fil-a nuggets, guacamole, football, and friends.
it’s apparent these two were cheering for different teams.

Friends. @ahoskin924

amy & kenley


kenley loves watching daddy mow. i love this picture.

Play date

play time with charlie and margot.
it’s nearly impossible to get a good picture of these three.
one day.

Tall boy

tall boy of diet mountain dew. ah-mazing.

just walking around…. all by herself…. on her own.
who is this toddler?


we had a great, somewhat relaxing weekend.
the real october fun is about to begin! we’re ready!

how was your weekend?

embrace the camera :: 10/4/12

I often think about how I should be embracing the camera more
or about how I should be more intentional about getting into the pictures.
I make promises (to myself) that I will do better.
But when I don’t do better,
I’m thankful to have family around to capture sweet moments.

Thank you, Misha 

I’m linking up with Emily of the Anderson Family Crew,
and I hopefully I”ll make a habit out of this.

50 weeks :: dad’s favorite shrimp

It’s October! The best month of the year!
You’ll hear me talking about it all month long, don’t you worry.

Here are some moments I captured in the last month.


So serious about IKEA shopping.


For two straight days, this girl had her tongue sticking out.


The obligatory “I’m not happy about something” photo.


Checking out baby Mogo


I crack up at this picture. Poor Margot isn’t sure what is happening.


Just sleeping away on the flight.


We tried the Munckin snack catchers for the first time on our trip and she loved them.
She literally would pull out fist fulls of crackers and goldfish.


Drinking out of a straw cup!

50 weeks… only a couple weeks left!





I’ve been getting questions about how my training
is going for the OUC Orlando Half-Marathon.
I’ve also had this post sitting in my drafts for a while,
so I guess it’s high time for me to write about it.

It started out really well at the beginning of September,
but an unexpected sick child and a trip home to Indiana put a little damper on my training.
I’m back on the upswing now
and survived my longest run to date on Saturday, 5.5 miles.

Up until this point, I haven’t had too much trouble finding time to run,
especially since our little nugget loves her jogging stroller.
My weekday runs are increasing in length though,
so hopefully I can continue to get in 4-5 days of running each week.

I have also registered for another race in the meantime,
the U Can Finish Distance Dare, which is the 5 mile + 2 mile race.
It turned out that it was the same weekend as my previously scheduled
7 mile run, so I figured it be good to get a race in there.

 I do need some help, and am in need of some recommendations.

Running gear.
What are your favorites?
I really need socks and sports bras,
but will take suggestions for tops, shorts, capris, etc.
What do you love, what do you hate?

What do you do for water on runs?
I would like to drink water on long runs,
but I have been spoiled having the stroller hold my water bottle during the week.
I ran once holding my water bottle in my hand and hated it.
My next 2-3 long runs I ran without water.
What are my other options?

Weight training.
I know I want to do core and arms, but I’m not sure where to start.
Other than the obvious, sit-ups, crunches, and push-ups.
Send me any good workouts that you love,
preferably ones that are quick that I can do at home.

Thanks for your support & recommendations, interweb friends!