30 Days of Thankful :: Part III

In case you missed Part I or Part II.


// 19. // I am thankful that we are (were) getting close to closing on our new home.
// 20. // I am thankful that tomorrow is moving day.
// 21. // I am beyond thankful for our first home. It has served us well over the past (almost) 5 years.


// 22. // So thankful for this girl. Among many, many, many other things. Happy Thanksgiving!
// 23. // I am thankful for Christmas decorations.
// 24. // I am thankful for our new dryer. Even though we didn’t want to have to buy it.
Who knew a load of towels can be dry in 40 minutes on medium heat?


// 25. // I am thankful for our new house. And that we are turning it into a home.
// 26. // I am thankful for fresh, clean, tight sheets…there isn’t much better than that.
// 27. // I am thankful for technology. And for FaceTime.


// 28. // I am thankful for Christmas traditions, new and old. And for this elf, who has yet to be named.
// 29. // I am thankful for family. Immediate and extended. Near and far.
// 30. // I am thankful for our first real mailbox. Something that you definitely take for granted!

In an effort to be thankful every day in November, instead of just on Thanksgiving,
I realize there is so much more that didn’t make the list.
We have so much to be thankful for and we are doing a better job of intentionally being thankful.
Each and every day.

my [very long] weekend in photos + giveaway winner

Let’s cut to the chase. The winner of the $15 shop credit to Sally Sarah Designs is

Shauna E.

Congratulations Shauna! Be expecting an email coming your way soon!


our weekend started on wednesday.


it was moving day! yes, that truck looks bigger than our house,
yet it still took two trips to the new house.


greg drank is coffee out of a measuring cup,
while i opted for panera coffee when i stopped to get bagels.


luckily, i got to be the one who unpacked and organized,
while the men did all the heavy lifting.
i thought i was making real progress, until the second load of stuff came over.


then, it looked like this by nightfall.


thanksgiving morning, kenley and i had to run to walmart for diapers and milk.
priorities here, people.
shockingly, the place was packed!


we spent most of the day organizing and getting more stuff from the other house.
thank goodness starbucks was open.
it, too, was packed.


it finally started to feel like thanksgiving around 5pm.
fried turkey is seriously the best. hands down.


kenley agrees.


we enjoyed thanksgiving dinner, just the three of us.
it was kenley’s first real thanksgiving dinner & she is a fan.


after taking almost the entire week off from running, unintentionally,
kenley and i went out for my last saturday run before race day. (yikes).


the rest of the weekend has been unpacking and organizing,
and of course, christmas decorating.


we had a wonderful, hectic, busy, thankful holiday weekend,
and are so happy to be (almost all the way) moved into our new house.

many pictures & projects to come!

how was your holiday weekend?

30 Days of Thankful :: Part II

I am continuing 30 Days of Thankful in November.


// 10. // I am thankful for the friendships we’ve made since moving to Florida. Every last one of them.
//11. // I am thankful for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve, for our country.
// 12. // I am thankful for Target and for being able to wander through the aisles uninterrupted.
Something that I took for granted for many years.


// 13. // I am thankful for this little side job that has big perks.
// 14. // I am thankful for HGTV.
// 15. // I am thankful for this one breakfast sandwich and for my husband
who remembered to put it in the fridge the night before when I forgot the three days before.


// 16. // I am thankful for my place of employment. Because, if nothing else, we have a good time.
// 17. // I am thankful for Christmas crafts and for taking my mind off the million things I should have been doing that day.
// 18. // I am thankful that this one is a good eater…most of the time. Something I take for granted.

giveaway :: sally sarah designs

I am thrilled to offer a giveaway today!

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I am pretty sure Kenley has one of everything in her shop.
Some of Kenley’s favorites are the baby bibs, taggie blankets, and Sophie leashes.
Some of mommy’s favorites are the interchangeable headbands.

The holidays are right around the corner, so the winner will get a $15 shop credit
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Good luck!

13 Months!

Kenley is thirteen months old!
Now that we are’t doing weekly updates, our monthly ones may be a tad lengthy.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Kenley is becoming more talkative every day.
She is learning new words and new ways of communicating.
There are days that we wish she could communicate a little more,
like when she’s obviously annoyed and we have no idea what is wrong,
but I understand that will come in time.
She can say please “peeees” when prompted, and we are working a lot on “up”,
rather than her pulling on our shirts, whining (to be picked up).
She has a toy that plays “row, row, row your boat” so she sings along by saying “row, row”.
About a week ago, she pulled out her toy banana from her shopping cart,
and looked right at Greg and said “nana”. He about died.
She also says wa-wa (water) and dinner, also when prompted.



She points at everything, even at the most random things.
She can spot airplanes in the sky.
When we ask if she wants a “cookie” (graham cracker), she points at the pantry.
In the mornings, she points at everything in her room, like it’s all brand new to us.
If there is a speck of dirt on the floor, she will find it,
pick it up, and give it to you. Occasionally, she’ll try to put it in her mouth,
just to keep you on your toes, ya know?
She also is very good at turning the “light off” and we’ve made that part of our nightly ritual.


She is continuing to eat very well, and we are still working to keep up.
Recently, she loves ham. LOVES it. She also does a very good job with her veggies.
We usually buy a bag of organic frozen mixed veggies, a bag of organic peas,
and a bag of organic edamame. I mixed the edamame into the mixed veggies,
but usually will feed her peas by themselves because she loves them so much.
I don’t know if it’s because they were her first food, but she will literally eat them by the fistful.
Her favorite fruits are apples and pears which she usually has for breakfast.
We are almost all the way done with spoon feeding, with exception of yogurt.
She also is a HUGE fan of mac & cheese, just like her mama.
We tend to stick with the Annie’s brand in the box or individual pouches,
mainly because I like it the best. Greg and I really only eat that brand now too.


We are lost somewhere in the land between one and two naps a day.
During the week, she can sometimes get by with one nap since they push it until after 11am
while she is at school. She’ll usually sleep around an hour and a half there.
On the weekends though, she almost always needs two naps and we have a hard time making it past 10am.
I am ok with her still taking two naps, but I just wish we were
a little more consistent with them. She has no problem going down for naps though,
whether it be one or two. She also now sleeps on a cot at school. No more crib!
They said she adjusted very well and she is just the second one that now sleeps on a cot in her class.
I say “cot”, but it really is just an inflatable crib mattress that sits on the floor.
I have heard (and am hoping) this will make the transition to a toddler bed at home much smoother.


Bedtime is usually around 7:20-7:30pm and prior to the time change, she was sleeping past 7am.
Now, not so much. It’s usually 6:30am, but she is more than happy playing in her crib
for a little while in the morning before we go in and get her.
We are hoping to keep pushing her wake up time back past 7am, but it hasn’t happened yet.
Bedtime routine is dinner, bath, book(s), “light off” and bed.


Just recently, she seems to be going through a little bit of separation anxiety.
This week, she has cried when I drop her off in the morning.
She is usually distracted easily, but some days are worse than others.
At home, she is also not a fan of us putting her down.
We are obviously not trying to carry her around everywhere,
so we direct her attention to something else, usually to her toys.
She also seems to be more scared of things. Just turning the bath water on is terrifying,
not to mention some of her bath toys. At times, it is quite funny, but not, at the same time.



For a while, Kenley was stuck with seven teeth-ers in her mouth.
Just in the last week her fourth tooth on the bottom has started to come in AND bonus,
I just felt around in there this weekend and she has one coming in on the top right towards the back.
This explains why she has been a little crabby recently and she has been pulling at her mouth a lot this weekend.
While I was poking and prodding around in there, I noticed she had a good bump on the left side,
so I wouldn’t be surprised if another tooth pokes through in the near future.


I think that’s most of the Kenley updates, and I’m sure it’s more than you wanted to know.
We are uber excited for the holiday season and we are very anxious to get into the new house,
hopefully, this week!
I am a little worried about how Kenley will do with the transition, but I think she’ll eventually love it.

my weekend in photos


hung out with this one  friday night


meanwhile, daddy successfully ran his first light show at work


kenley and i also did some packing, meaning i put it in the box and she took it out


did some major crafting this weekend


margot getting some jumperoo time in


kenley wanting to see what’s going on


love testing our deli meat at publix


forget toys, i’d rather play with this corona sign we found while packing


ucf basketball game…not sure at first, but loved it.


we were hoping to be moving this weekend, but that got put on hold.
we made do and had a rather uneventful weekend.

how was yours?

running … part ii

It’s been over a month since I have given you a good update on my running.
Since then, I have had three long runs on the weekends,
and have completed my longest run before the half marathon.

The U Can Finish 5 miler + 2 mile run was the weekend of my birthday and it was great.
It made me even more excited for race day, for the race atmosphere alone.
I felt really good after the 5 mile race and downed a banana and drank a half a bottle of water
before the start of the 2 mile run. A runner friend told me that since I was taking a little break,
then I should plan to try to run at a faster pace in the 2 mile run. So, I did!
Since it was the day before my birthday, Greg allowed me to open my present early so I could use it.
After a ton of research, I ended up asking for the Garmin Forerunner 10, which I love!



It worked out well that the day of Kenley’s birthday party was supposed to be an easy run,
so Greg and I ran 4 miles together. We were able to run without Kenley or the stroller,
thanks to having family in town to watch her.
Who would have thought that a fun little date for us would be running 4 miles.
It was one of the first cool(er) days this fall, so we both felt great.

My 8 mile and 9 mile runs were the next two weekends and the weather was significantly cooler,
so I opted to run without water both Saturdays. It probably wasn’t the best decision,
but I made it through both runs without any major problems. Looking back, however,
I wish I would have eaten a bigger breakfast both times. Each morning, I only had an apple,
mostly because I was pretty nervous for both runs and didn’t want to cramp up.
For my 8 mile run, I brought three bucks with me, just in case I wanted to stop and get water
during my run. I didn’t feel like I needed to and overall, the run went great.
However, I completely overshot my route. When I took my last turn, I thought that I might be going too far.
After I hit 8 miles, I ended up having to walk another mile just to get home. Awesome.
Luckily, I had to pass our 7/11, so I put that $3 to good use and got a banana & grape G2.
During the 9 mile run, I was starving by mile 6, so I knew something had to change before my next run.

Hurricane Sandy didn't make it easy but it's done! #8miles #halfmarathon #slowandsteady


The week leading up to my ten mile run was hectic, to say the least. I barely got in two short runs that week,
so I was super nervous on how my long run was going to go on Saturday.
I also wanted to get up an hour and a half before I was going to run to eat a decent size breakfast,
then go back to bed…. buuuuuut, that didn’t happen. I settled for a bagel thin with peanut butter and headed out.
Overall, the run went well. I wasn’t starving and the peanut butter really held me over, I thought.
I also carried a water bottle with me, but I had to force myself to take sips around miles 3, 6, and 9.
That was probably the last time I’ll run with a water bottle unless I buy a hydration belt.
The last two miles were less than stellar, but I finished and felt pretty good. I am still shocked I ran that far.

Longest run before the #orlandohalf #doubledigits #ouch

More importantly, I have decided on what I am going to wear on race day.
I have worn the same outfit for my last three long runs.
I took the suggestions from my last post to heart and got two Champion sports bras that I love.
I really love these Old Navy compression capris, however, for them to actually be compression,
I had to go down to a size small. I have a size medium, but they do not compress anything.
Maggi got me the Adidas Ultimate Tee and I cannot tell you how much I love it.
It is lightweight and more importantly, long! I have a medium and it fits great!
I plan on getting a couple more.
Since it’s been a tad chilly in the mornings, I have been wearing my ASICS arm warmers,
which I scored for five bucks back in August when I never thought it would be chilly.

Bonus, I also got a foam roller with my birthday gift card and it is seriously amazing.

So, this update turned into a novel, thanks for powering through.
T-minus 2.5 weeks until race day!

30 Days of Thankful :: Part I

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably have noticed a trend in my posts this month.
Instead of just being thankful on Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a good idea to be thankful every day,
hence, 30 Days of Thankful, for the month of November.
I’ve seen a lot of different versions floating around social media, but I encourage you to join in on the fun!


// 1. // I am thankful that my little one loves the jogging stroller so we can exercise together.
// 2. // I am thankful for the proximity of our jobs, so we can have lunch dates at one of our favorite restaurants.
// 3. // I am thankful for stripes, because we (obviously) love them!


// 4. // I am thankful for Summit Church…and Jesus.
// 5. // I am thankful for sleeping babies (er, toddlers), because they are so cute and innocent.
// 6. // I am thankful for having the freedom to rock my vote.


// 7. // I am thankful for this laugh. The best sound in the world. How can you not love that face?
// 8. // I am thankful for (and looking forward to) the next chapter of our lives.
// 9. // I am thankful that I am a Hoosier, for college basketball, and for the Big Ten Network.

Sometimes it’s the little things, sometimes it’s the big things. We have so much to be thankful for.

my weekend in photos


just being cute after bath time on a friday night.

Longest run before the #orlandohalf #doubledigits #ouch

completed my longest run before the half marathon.


headed to the craft fair, great day in the country, to see linds & sally
kenley tested out the ergo on my back for the first time. she looks thrilled.

Brew fest

after the craft fair, we made a day of it and headed to baldwin brew fest.
we rocked the vip bands, with our child in tow.
no worries, there were other kiddos there, too.

Happy birthday Cooper! @arideout09

birthday party hopping continued today with cooper’s 4th birthday!


we are trying to decide on paint colors… for our new house!


yep, this is the state of our current house… more details to come.


technically, the weekend isn’t over for me just yet, as tomorrow we observe veteran’s day,
but as you can guess, i’ve got a busy day planned.

how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos

Thankful for the proximity of our jobs. They allow us to have daytime dates. #thankful

friday lunch date at one of our favorite places.


9 miles on saturday morning. still hard to believe i actually ran that far/long.

Happy 1st birthday Ben! @jessicaemeyer @andrewjohnmeyer

we celebrated one year with benjamin. it was a beautiful day for a birthday party.

Thankful for stripes! We love them. #thankful

hi. we’re the gilbertson’s and we like stripes.


someone likes to help with the laundry.

I am thankful for @summitchurch ... and Jesus. #thankful

a little sunday morning church.

Happy 3rd birthday Charlie!

we had two birthdays in two days and celebrated charlie turning three!
it was another beautiful day for a party.


i have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time at lowe’s here soon,
so far, kenley is unimpressed.


we had a fun, but productive weekend.
how was yours??