running … part ii

It’s been over a month since I have given you a good update on my running.
Since then, I have had three long runs on the weekends,
and have completed my longest run before the half marathon.

The U Can Finish 5 miler + 2 mile run was the weekend of my birthday and it was great.
It made me even more excited for race day, for the race atmosphere alone.
I felt really good after the 5 mile race and downed a banana and drank a half a bottle of water
before the start of the 2 mile run. A runner friend told me that since I was taking a little break,
then I should plan to try to run at a faster pace in the 2 mile run. So, I did!
Since it was the day before my birthday, Greg allowed me to open my present early so I could use it.
After a ton of research, I ended up asking for the Garmin Forerunner 10, which I love!



It worked out well that the day of Kenley’s birthday party was supposed to be an easy run,
so Greg and I ran 4 miles together. We were able to run without Kenley or the stroller,
thanks to having family in town to watch her.
Who would have thought that a fun little date for us would be running 4 miles.
It was one of the first cool(er) days this fall, so we both felt great.

My 8 mile and 9 mile runs were the next two weekends and the weather was significantly cooler,
so I opted to run without water both Saturdays. It probably wasn’t the best decision,
but I made it through both runs without any major problems. Looking back, however,
I wish I would have eaten a bigger breakfast both times. Each morning, I only had an apple,
mostly because I was pretty nervous for both runs and didn’t want to cramp up.
For my 8 mile run, I brought three bucks with me, just in case I wanted to stop and get water
during my run. I didn’t feel like I needed to and overall, the run went great.
However, I completely overshot my route. When I took my last turn, I thought that I might be going too far.
After I hit 8 miles, I ended up having to walk another mile just to get home. Awesome.
Luckily, I had to pass our 7/11, so I put that $3 to good use and got a banana & grape G2.
During the 9 mile run, I was starving by mile 6, so I knew something had to change before my next run.

Hurricane Sandy didn't make it easy but it's done! #8miles #halfmarathon #slowandsteady


The week leading up to my ten mile run was hectic, to say the least. I barely got in two short runs that week,
so I was super nervous on how my long run was going to go on Saturday.
I also wanted to get up an hour and a half before I was going to run to eat a decent size breakfast,
then go back to bed…. buuuuuut, that didn’t happen. I settled for a bagel thin with peanut butter and headed out.
Overall, the run went well. I wasn’t starving and the peanut butter really held me over, I thought.
I also carried a water bottle with me, but I had to force myself to take sips around miles 3, 6, and 9.
That was probably the last time I’ll run with a water bottle unless I buy a hydration belt.
The last two miles were less than stellar, but I finished and felt pretty good. I am still shocked I ran that far.

Longest run before the #orlandohalf #doubledigits #ouch

More importantly, I have decided on what I am going to wear on race day.
I have worn the same outfit for my last three long runs.
I took the suggestions from my last post to heart and got two Champion sports bras that I love.
I really love these Old Navy compression capris, however, for them to actually be compression,
I had to go down to a size small. I have a size medium, but they do not compress anything.
Maggi got me the Adidas Ultimate Tee and I cannot tell you how much I love it.
It is lightweight and more importantly, long! I have a medium and it fits great!
I plan on getting a couple more.
Since it’s been a tad chilly in the mornings, I have been wearing my ASICS arm warmers,
which I scored for five bucks back in August when I never thought it would be chilly.

Bonus, I also got a foam roller with my birthday gift card and it is seriously amazing.

So, this update turned into a novel, thanks for powering through.
T-minus 2.5 weeks until race day!

4 thoughts on “running … part ii

    • If it’s during the week and Greg can run with me, then I will run after work, even if it’s dark. I don’t like running after dark with just Kenley and I. My long runs are first thing Saturday morning and other weekend runs are during the day. I would love to get up early to run but there is no way I’d be able to get out the door on time. I am not a fan of DST!

  1. Just read your past few posts to catch up! So-congrats on the new house! Excited to hear more about it! I am super jealous of your motivation to run. Before getting pregnant, I was a workout fiend. 2-3 hours every day! Yikes! I am also so jealous of looking at the calories burned on your watch! Have you lost weight? I reallllly want to get back into running, and I will definitely have to get that watch when I get my butt in gear! Good job! Go girl!

    • Thanks Jessica! We are super excited about the house and very anxious to get in there! That’s insane that you were working out that much… I knew I wanted to get back into shape after K, but I am still surprised at myself for actually running this far. I have never really been a “runner”. I lost a lot of weight breastfeeding, but I do think I have lost more since I started running. I am probably where I used to be before college, which is CRAZY to think about.

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