my weekend in photos


hung out with this one  friday night


meanwhile, daddy successfully ran his first light show at work


kenley and i also did some packing, meaning i put it in the box and she took it out


did some major crafting this weekend


margot getting some jumperoo time in


kenley wanting to see what’s going on


love testing our deli meat at publix


forget toys, i’d rather play with this corona sign we found while packing


ucf basketball game…not sure at first, but loved it.


we were hoping to be moving this weekend, but that got put on hold.
we made do and had a rather uneventful weekend.

how was yours?

2 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. if those are toms in the last picture, i just bought that same pair for my niece a couple of weeks ago for her birthday. love them!

    • They are! She got them for her birthday too and I am obsessed! They actually stay on her feet, unlike several other pairs of shoes that she has, which is always an added bonus.

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