30 Days of Thankful :: Part II

I am continuing 30 Days of Thankful in November.


// 10. // I am thankful for the friendships we’ve made since moving to Florida. Every last one of them.
//11. // I am thankful for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve, for our country.
// 12. // I am thankful for Target and for being able to wander through the aisles uninterrupted.
Something that I took for granted for many years.


// 13. // I am thankful for this little side job that has big perks.
// 14. // I am thankful for HGTV.
// 15. // I am thankful for this one breakfast sandwich and for my husband
who remembered to put it in the fridge the night before when I forgot the three days before.


// 16. // I am thankful for my place of employment. Because, if nothing else, we have a good time.
// 17. // I am thankful for Christmas crafts and for taking my mind off the million things I should have been doing that day.
// 18. // I am thankful that this one is a good eater…most of the time. Something I take for granted.