30 Days of Thankful :: Part III

In case you missed Part I or Part II.


// 19. // I am thankful that we are (were) getting close to closing on our new home.
// 20. // I am thankful that tomorrow is moving day.
// 21. // I am beyond thankful for our first home. It has served us well over the past (almost) 5 years.


// 22. // So thankful for this girl. Among many, many, many other things. Happy Thanksgiving!
// 23. // I am thankful for Christmas decorations.
// 24. // I am thankful for our new dryer. Even though we didn’t want to have to buy it.
Who knew a load of towels can be dry in 40 minutes on medium heat?


// 25. // I am thankful for our new house. And that we are turning it into a home.
// 26. // I am thankful for fresh, clean, tight sheets…there isn’t much better than that.
// 27. // I am thankful for technology. And for FaceTime.


// 28. // I am thankful for Christmas traditions, new and old. And for this elf, who has yet to be named.
// 29. // I am thankful for family. Immediate and extended. Near and far.
// 30. // I am thankful for our first real mailbox. Something that you definitely take for granted!

In an effort to be thankful every day in November, instead of just on Thanksgiving,
I realize there is so much more that didn’t make the list.
We have so much to be thankful for and we are doing a better job of intentionally being thankful.
Each and every day.