14 Months!

14 months really snuck up on us. This past month has been insane.
Aren’t the holidays like that for everyone though?
With that being said, however, we don’t have any 14 month photos,
so you’re stuck with my grainy iPhone photos. Lame, I know.

14 months. Where to begin?
Kenley’s vocabulary has exploded over the past month.
She tries to repeat everything, even if you can’t understand it, she at least will get the right syllables down.
She’s very good at saying “please” and “thank you”, most of the time.
Greg said just the other day how funny it is when you can’t understand what toddlers are saying,
but we totally understand what she is saying 99% of the time.
I’m sure no one else does, but we get it.
She will randomly say words so clear, like apple,
which is her new favorite word. Any fruit other than a “nana” is an “apple”.


Her latest thing is that she puts her lovie on the back of her neck when she sleeps.
We started noticing it randomly and then Greg watched her get comfy before a nap
and she wouldn’t stop moving until her lovie was in the right spot.
We think it’s because she sleeps with a blanket during nap time at school on her little cot,
so the weight of the blanket is right at her neck line.
She still doesn’t sleep with a blanket at home in her crib. Is that normal?
Should we be putting a blanket in there with her?

Speaking of naps, we are still moving towards one nap a day.
She is becoming less cranky when only napping once, which is definitely a step in the right direction,
but there are also days that she needs a second nap.
The one nap during the day is also getting longer, which is also awesome.


Kenley can point to her ear, mouth, nose (usually sticking her finger IN her nose),
and most importantly, her belly button (or bee bo, as in the Belly Button book).
She loves lifting her shirt to show off her big belly and her belly button.
So much so, that her teacher made a comment on how much she’s pulling at her belly button.
We are still working on her eyes, head, and hair.


It has been a little rough in the teething department.
Those back molars are not fun for anyone. We started working on teeth 9, 10, and 11
all at the same time. It seems like she constantly has her fingers shoved back there.
I had no idea how big those teeth were going to be, but dang, they are huge.
No wonder they hurt!


It’s funny to look back on pictures of the little one when she was bald,
because it seems like she’s had a ton of hair forever…which I know is not true,
but it is just growing so quickly! And there are at least some curls, so that’s good.


Obviously, the biggest change over the past month was the move into the new house.
I was worried about her, but she’s been a rockstar.
She had zero issues and actually slept better in the new house than she did
the week leading up to the move in the old house.
Greg worked hard to get her room done before we moved in,
to try to make the transition as easy as possible, so hopefully that helped.
I’ll be sharing her new room, hopefully after the start of the new year.
For the first two weeks, she pushed the laundry basket around nonstop,
I guess that was her way of exploring and the tile helps, too.



I know I say it every month, but this girl keeps getting more fun by the day.
Happy 14 months Kenley girl!