my christmas vacation in photos

since i haven’t had the slightest idea what day it has been for the last week,
i figured this would be a good way to recap our christmas vacation.
have no fear, the my weekend in photos series will continue next year.


first happy meal at the airport!


we headed to indiana in the middle of a snow storm after an hour and a half delay.
overall, kenley was so so good. and slept in the most awkward position on the flight.


she was slightly confused to find a dog when she woke up the next morning.


trying to stay warm with temperatures in the high 20s.


check out that snow outside!


we were able to meet brittney, patrick & will for lunch!
brittney and i have been friends since birth, so it was fun to see our babies together.
it was also will’s first birthday!


katie & ashton were able to come play too!


kenley and ashton are about three weeks apart,
and played together so nicely.


it was fun to watch kenley open presents even though she wasn’t entirely sure what was going on.


michael, rachel & arie


we were so thankful that the peña’s braved the weather to come down to visit.
kp, jack & kenley… nothing but trouble!




cozy on the couch, all snuggled up, home for the holidays.


reading my christmas gift on the way to the airport that inspired us to get to work when we got home.


kenley trying to stay occupied on the way to the airport, too.


yet another awkward sleeping position.


more christmas presents once we got home to florida!
the little apron kills me.


kenley and kyler have been enjoying christmas break.


a trip to homegoods means lunch at which wich! so happy about both.


and an ikea trip means frozen yogurt!


four days worth of clean diapers and one cute helper.


we had a wonderful trip to indiana and a great christmas,
and have enjoyed the extra days off to do several house projects,
which i am anxious to share!

how was your holiday? and weekend? (it is the weekend right?)

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