goodbye 2012

I’m already starting off the year slightly behind,
but without further ado, here is how our 2012 looked.


I headed back to work after maternity leave and Kenley started day care,
which made weekends even more special.
We became a wee bit more official (in our eyes) and started blogging from our new domain.
I finally shared my chalkboard bottles.
Kenley’s nursey was featured on Apartment Therapy, which is more special now that this was her first room.
Alicia was able to visit after her conference that was in town.
We met miss Kyler Nicole for the first time!



My mom and I met Miranda Lambert!
Kenley was baptized at Summit Church.
We were able to see David, Jodi, Gavin, Maddie & Landon while they were visiting Disney.
I shared our first must have list of baby items.
I also shared the ribbon wreath I made for Kenley’s baptism, one of our most viewed posts this year.



I first put it out there that I wanted to run a half marathon.
We went to the Braves v. Yankees spring training game at Disney.
Completed our framed mirrors after many trips to Lowe’s.
Grandma and Grandpa visited for spring break & I headed to Tampa for NIRSA.



We celebrated Easter.
Kenley had her first food… peas!
Lindsey and I threw a surprise shower for Sally and baby Margot!
We participated in the Central Florida March of Dimes 5K for Jack’s Pack.


Kenley got her first tooth.
Greg and I went to the Magic vs. Pacers playoff game at Amway Center.
I left my job (and long commute) at Stetson, and started a new job back at UCF.
I shared the second part of our must have list of baby gear.
Greg, Michael & my dad surprised my mom and I for Mother’s Day.
We spent Memorial Day at Grammy’s house and went swimming.



We spent the weekend at the beach with the family.
We met miss Margot Claire for the first time!
Kenley started crawling and pulling herself up within weeks of each other.
Greg celebrated his first Father’s Day and we made a fun gift for him.
Greg also headed up to AC to see the boys, Metallica, and the Phillies vs. Rays



We headed up to Indiana for summer vacation, you can read about it here, here, and here.
While we were there, we celebrated the 4th of July & our 4th anniversary.
We went to the Rays vs. Red Sox game in St. Pete with the Campbell & Peña families.
We met Mr. Jackson for the first time!
I registered for the OUC Orlando Half Marathon.



I shared the last part of our must have list for baby gear.
Grandpa Larry came to visit for a long weekend.
Kenley took three baby steps!


Melissa was in town for Labor Day weekend!
Kenley and I headed up to Indiana for Meg’s baby shower.
Ashley & Britton got married!
I went to the Brad Paisley concert in Tampa.



Kenley was officially walking.
Greg and I celebrated our birthdays.
We finished Kenley’s weekly photo project.
Kenley turned one and we celebrated at her first birthday party!
We put in an offer on our new house and it was accepted!
Kenley was an adorable strawberry for Halloween.



We put our house on the market, sold our house, and moved into our new house.
I participated in 30 Days of Thankful, you can see it here, here, and here.


I ran my first half marathon!
I participated in A Pinterest Christmas with several other ladies.
Melissa came to visit.
We celebrated an early Christmas with the family at the beach.
We closed and turned the keys over to the new owners of our old house.
Then, we headed up to Indiana to celebrate Christmas.
We spent the rest of the year working on the house and getting ready for the new year.


2012 was a good year for us, we’re anxious to see what lies ahead in 2013.

You can see 2011 in review here.

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