my weekend in photos


my weekend started very early friday morning, 4:30am est to be exact.
i headed to the other orange county for a quick trip and stopped over in houston on the way.


we requested to take the scenic route from the airport up the pacific coast highway.
you can see why. absolutely breathtaking.


i had to get my first in and out burger and fries, animal style.
delicious, i tell ya.


the hoosiers played at 9am in cali. 9am. how amazing is that?
we (the girls) watched the game, snuggled up on the couch in our pjs, eating kilroy’s breadsticks.
it was perfect.


that afternoon we celebrated our dear friend mandy and baby l.
many more pictures to come.


mbk and kirby threw the beautiful shower, it was perfect in every way.


meanwhile, greg and the nugget were home watching football.

Baby gear assembly extraordinaires. @cel779

celeste and i went to work after the shower assembling lots of baby gear for our bedridden friend.
we had entirely too much fun.


while i spent the day traveling across time zones, kenley was home being cute.


it was a very quick trip across the country, but it was worth every minute.
i had a great time with the girls and showering mandy with love.

how was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “my weekend in photos

  1. yes! OR is a beautiful state! Glad you got to experience it. We’re going again in April. what a game of two halves, each team scoring 52 points in a half. Hope they do better Tuesday or WI will beat them. We watched with Sam and Di at sports bar in Ft Myers.condo does not have btn. we sure could get used to this Fl wx. Bonne journee ! Susan

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