my [long] weekend in photos

this week has been crazy. kenley and either greg or i have been home since tuesday
because the little nugget had RSV and an ear infection. boo.
so it was hard to remember when the weekend actually began,
throw in a holiday and forget about it. i have no idea what day it is.


we spent a lot of time doing this and watching mickey mouse clubhouse,
trying to keep her sitting still for 8-10 minutes.


it worked out well that a sweet friend brought her personalized minnie ears!


welcome to florida in the winter, one day our wagon ride looked like this.


and the next day it looked like this. significant drop in temperatures.
we headed out to take some pictures to celebrate 15 months!


we took advantage of an extra weekend day with no plans and tackled some projects.
we said so long to our island counter top and sold it on craigslist in less than 12 hours.
i should give you a sneak peak of the new one… but i’m not. stay tuned!


big thumbs up to chic-fil-a for these awesome place mats.


we headed out for a run and stopped to get frozen yogurt halfway through.


i spent a good chunk of saturday washing, ironing, measuring, hemming, and hanging curtains x 4.


i’m sure you noticed here that we have a lot of shelves to fill,
so we picked up these two cute little guys.
slowly we’ll get there.


we had our 15 month check up today and a follow up for her appointment earlier this week.
for someone who hates the doctor, she did a-ok.


since she got two shots, she got her first publix cookie, it sure was  yummy.


how was your weekend? did you enjoy your day off today?

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